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The Shade Store


The project

This project involves the digital transformation of the current offline business process. It required development of a tailored web application designed to facilitate the creation of quotations and invoices for the sales team specializing in home and office curtains and blinds.

The Challenge

  • Design the digital transformation which can help client to close the business deal faster.
  • This project being digital transformation of the offline business needs gaining insight into the intricate nuances of the home furnishing industry, which encompasses a diverse range of specialized curtains and blinds.
  • Developing a solution that enables the company to seamlessly incorporate various materials and prices in distinct units across different product categories and applications.
  • Devising an efficient process for sales personnel, allowing them to swiftly generate quotations, make necessary adjustments, finalize agreements, create invoices, and seamlessly share this information with installers.

The Solution

  • Team understood the complete current offline business process followed and then designed making sure that current flow is maintained making process time is reduced with faster updates in the quotations and closing the deals faster.
  • Backend system was designed such that client can update the new material types and pricing easily keeping the currently shared proposals intact.
  • Quotations and invoices were shared instantly to clients for their faster responses. 
  • Once the deal closed the project requirements were sent to the contractors and installers for them to take up the job and start working towards it.
  • All reports were exportable for the management to for their internal working.


    • The sales team has the capability to choose predefined fields, including product category, subcategory, and materials.
    • They can manually input information based on measurements taken during client visits.
    • Quotations can be swiftly generated and shared with clients while retaining a copy for their records.
    • The team can edit quotes to accommodate negotiations, order changes, and maintain the most current version with updates stored.
    • Quotes can be duplicated for the same or different clients.
    • Conversions to invoices can be performed and then shared with clients.
    • Order information can be efficiently communicated to contractors and installers, facilitating prompt information sharing while maintaining records.
    • Management has access to records of quotations provided, updated versions, and finalized deals.

Services Provided

    • Custom Responsive UI / UX
    • Custom development
    • SSL Setup
    • Hosting of the Website

Design & Technology

  • Responsive HTML, PHP Laravel, My SQL
  • Custom Responsive UI & UX front end flow
  • Custom backend development in php Laravel and my sql

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