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Data Science

Making sure that your Big Data is optimally harnessed and is turned into real business value

What is Data Science?

Organizations today are facing a major challenge with understanding how to draw sense from an abundant amount of disparate data that is driven majorly from their business websites and applications.

“Data Science is the ability to transform an ocean of raw data into actionable insights that can have a profound impact on business objectives and strategies.”
Through data science, process organizations can record, store, and analyze the collected data and extract useful business insights that can uncover the answers to major questions and challenges and help organizations make objective decisions. It is a combination of computer science, modeling, statistics, analytics, and math skills—along with sound business sense.

How we can help?

Webmantra’s Data Science and Analytics Services

We understand that each project is different. However, the process of gathering and analyzing data generally follows the below path:
  • Q&A with clients to understand the business objectives and processes
  • Acquiring – Processing – Cleaning of the data
  • Integrate and store data
  • Initial data investigation and exploratory data analysis
  • Choose one or more potential models and algorithms
  • Apply data science techniques, such as machine learning, statistical modeling, and artificial intelligence
  • Measure and improve results
  • Present final result to stakeholders
  • Make adjustments based on feedback

Business Benefits with best Data Science Practices

We at Webmantra, have seen many benefits and improvements that data science has brought to various businesses across industries, with our best data science practices. Few of the very evident benefits are:
  • Optimized supply chain management
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Encourages personalized customer experience
  • Effective sales growth
  • Helps in analyzing customer behavior
  • Helps in analyzing the brand image

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