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Android App Development

Most popular and dynamic app development platform

Android App Development

Android App Development Services

Today, almost every person uses a smartphone. There is a huge market opportunity for mobile apps because smart phones are becoming more and more prevalent. Today, people use smartphone applications for a wide range of activities, including shopping, entertainment, daily planning, and purchasing tickets for movies, among other things. Android apps are the most popular ones on mobile devices. In the app market, Android has a sizable market share. Android apps are used by many consumers and companies for a varios area of functions.

What Is An Android Application?
Android is an open source mobile operating system that was created specifically for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It is premised on a slight modified version of the Linux kernel. The structure of Android applications is made up of various components. Applications may have one or more of each of the four types of components.
  • Activities
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers

Thus, an android application is an organization of software components that are packaged together and installed on a mobile device.
Android application consists of two types: Native or hybrid apps. A native app is created using the Android SDK , while a hybrid app uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript to create its user interface then calls native APIs to access hardware functions.
Any Android Application, once developed, can be published on Google Play, an online app store operated and developed by Google. Android platform offers more than 1.6 million applications through Google Play, the online store and over 80 billion apps downloaded from the app stores. 
For startups and other businesses, Android is hailed as the best option. Android offers a wealth of chances and development ideas as the most popular and dynamic app development platform. We therefore make an effort to ensure that you do not lose out on the abundance of innovation and growth.

Why Is An Android Application Important For Your Business?
Fundamentally, an Android app is necessary to seize a sizeable share of the rapidly expanding mobile market. This allows your business to reach more relatable customers. You require an Android Application Development Company for the reasons listed below:

1. Be Practical for Your Users
Having a mobile application for your organization is smart approch. Nowadays, people use smartphones since they are convenient and take up less time. There are ton of Android users all over the globe. When it comes to shopping, online browsing, purchasing goods and services, and pretty much everything else, the vast majority of people choose convenience i.e., using mobile applications.
2. Boosts Sales and Revenue
Your company needs a strong mobile application in the cutthroat commercial world of today. A mobile application could be of great assistance to you if you wish to grow your company and are eager to boost profits and sales. 
3. Effectively adjusts to other operating systems
Android is absolutely open source and can be promptly ported to other operating systems like Blackberry, Ubuntu, Symbian, and Chrome OS. Each group of media users on the Android platform is larger. This is significant for individuals who are thinking about audience numbers or engagement.
4. The simplicity of access
Today, many manufacturers choose to make gadgets using the Android operating system because of its growing popularity. Additionally, clients can buy and download different Android apps from the Play Store for their Android devices. You can even make your app available solely to testers or a select group of consumers on the Play Store. You can launch your Android mobile application on a variety of additional app stores, including Amazon App Store, which can help you grow your company.

Webmantra Offers Android App Development Services Across All Platforms
Webmantra believes in implementing trends that vary with time and user expectations, thus no technology is left untouched. We've dealt with countless possibilities when it comes to developing mobile applications including, Android Wear, AR/VR apps, Internet of Things, wearables, and Android TV.
Android devices come in all sizes and shapes all over the world. You have the chance to spread the word about your software to a sizable audience thanks to the variety of device kinds. Your app needs to adjust to different device setups in order to be as successful as possible on Android. We believe in providing optimized experience across all device platforms with responsiveness and performance. Mobile is the new frontier of digital marketing so choose the right partner that can provide top-notch solutions to the changing market dynamics. Our ability to provide an end-to-end solution to build a distinctive mobile experience across many platforms, devices, and OS versions, along with ongoing support and maintenance to meet your short-term and long-term goals, sets us apart from other Companies.

Android App Development Technology We Use

We use latest technologies to build robust and scalable projects

We use latest technologies to build robust and scalable projects

Android has the largest global market share of any mobile operating system, meaning that a well-developed android app can generate more revenue than an iPhone app. We use latest technologies to build robust and scalable projects for our clients. We have a depth of technological knowledge regarding android app development that enables us to produce the best apps to meet our clients' business needs. 
Our experts are fluent in a variety of programming languages, including Java, C, C++, and Python, which are frequently used to include particular functionalities in Android applications. A user-friendly interface is made possible by the use of technologies like Android Annotations (a framework powered by annotations that allows you to streamline the code of your apps and reduce boilerplate code from common patterns), Eclipse (a computer programming IDE), Android SDK (a software development kit with a wide range of development tools), and Android Auto (your intelligent driving partner that uses the Google Assistant to keep you engaged, connected, and entertained).
According to your needs, We provide app solutions employing a variety of the best technologies as just an Android App Development Company. We construct, develop, test, and enhance applications. We deliver complete Android App Development Services to your fingertips. The best hybrid and native bespoke apps are produced by our team of devoted developers for Android smartphones, tablets, TV and wearable devices like smart watch.
The Application Development Process We Follow

The Application Development Process We Follow

1. Discover Plan 
In order to start our project, we first and primarily focus on creating a plan and acquiring the necessary needs, materials, and data.

2. Design 
Using the most up-to-date design technologies, we produce eye-catching and endearing designs that are the most user-friendly possible.

3. Develop 
Utilizing the most recent tools and technologies in an open manner, blockchain, web, and mobile application development.

4. App Testing 
Before it is made available to the general public, the Application will be bug-tested. Our experts will work on any improvements that are necessary following the test.

5. Deploy 
Your app is prepared for release on the  Play Store after trial and compliance with all procedures.

6. Support And Maintainece
After deployment, we provide you with full assistance, and our experts are always available to address any questions.
Why Should You Choose Webmantra As Your Android App Development Company?

Why Should You Choose Webmantra As Your Android App Development Company?

Webmantra will collaborate closely with you to ensure that you combine the best business strategies with cutting-edge technology. In the least amount of time possible, our experts will design your app with all necessary features fully integrated. 
However, here are some points that make us stand out from the herd:
  • Bug-free Applications
  • Devoted And Dedicated Team Of Developers
  • Quality Of Work
  • Security, Integrity, Transparency
  • Faster Services
  • Latest Tools And Technologies

If you are looking for the “Best Android App Development Company in India” then Webmantra is the best place for you. Since we have developed applications for a variety of organizations, our professionals are skilled at utilizing the wide range of Android. Contact us for more information!

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