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PPC - Pay Per Click

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PPC - Pay Per Click

What Is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

PPC marketing is a marketing strategy where advertisers pay for each instance their ad is clicked on. This cost-per-click business model reduces the barrier of entry for advertisers and helps them reach potential customers. Basically, this is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of products or services using paid advertising via paid search engines (such as Google AdWords), pay-per-click (Cost Per Click) listings, and other forms of online advertising. The pay-per-click ads are normally shown on the top and right-hand side of the sponsored results when you perform a search query in Google, Yahoo or Bing.
As an online marketer, you will be able to effectively measure the ROI of your campaign. You can easily determine how much money is being spent and how many people are clicking on your ads. There is no need for you to deal with any installation/configuration work. All the technical requirements are taken care of by Google, Bing, or Yahoo. All you have to do is set up a Google Adwords account and start creating ads and paying for clicks.
One of the effective ways to have your website’s URL show up first in Google searches is via PPC services. This advertising platform gives you the option to purchase the top spot on Google search results. In addition to the foregoing, these services assist in getting your website promoted and listed on pertinent partner links and websites. This kind of service completely compliments your SEO strategies and assists in driving immediate traffic to your website.

PPC Services Offered By Webmantra

Webmantra's Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Webmantra's Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Google Search Ads
You can easily set up your advertising and track your results using Google Ads. Our specialists assist you in getting started by setting up an account, choosing the search terms you wish to target, creating your ad, and deciding on your daily advertising budget.
Google Display Ads
Display advertisements are those that appear alongside articles, videos, or websites that users peruse. With Google Display Network targeting, you may decide where or when your advertisement will appear based on the characteristics of your target market, such as their interests, age, or gender. Webmantra can assist you in identifying your target audience by developing an effective PPC marketing plan.
Bing Ads
Bing Ads is a platform that permits running PPC advertisements in Microsoft's Bing search engine. An underutilized tool for marketing campaigns is Bing Ads. They can be a successful technique to generate qualified leads and conversions, as savvy digital marketers like Webmantra specialists are aware of and comprehend. We assist you in developing a Bing Ads strategy that is in line with your company's goals.
Youtube Ads
You can advertise your video material on YouTube or in search results using Google Ads, which will increase the number of users who see it. Our professionals assist you in boosting client engagement and ad memory, both of which are incredibly advantageous to any expanding business, by producing an impactful and memorable video advertisement.
Social Ads
The practice of developing and delivering clickable advertisements to reach target audiences is known as social advertising. As an agency, we can assist you in developing a social advertising program that increases brand recognition, produces leads, and generates sales.
Remarketing Ads
Remarketing is a strategy that involves displaying advertisements to users of your mobile app or website. By contacting clients who have already shown interest in your goods or services, we help you enhance the conversion rate of your purchases.
Google Shopping Ads
A shopping ad is a particular kind of advertisement that provides comprehensive details about particular goods you sell. In order to effectively enhance sales of your products and services, our professionals set up your product information in Google Merchant Center and establish Shopping campaigns in Google Ads.
In-Stream Ads
Instream advertising are essentially video advertisements that are presented before, during, or after a video. Such an ad placement gives marketers the opportunity to show 5–15 second, non–skippable video advertising to viewers of videos on mobile devices, significantly boosting visibility, brand awareness, reach, and engagement.
What We Offer In PPC Services

What We Offer In PPC Services

At Webmantra, the goal of every action is to maximise return on investment. During our initial assessment, we will establish objectives, examine prior data, and create a detailed plan. We can make sure that our services deliver the required value by examining cost per click, conversion rate, cost per acquisition, and revenue. Additionally, we can link our successful conversions to our optimisation, which will lead to a campaign that converts more effectively going forwards.
For all clients, we develop simple to sophisticated tracking options. We work with you to improve the account or create a brand-new one from scratch. Our approach and procedure are unmatched and maximise each investment in your campaign.
Webmantra employs a team of specialists with decades of experience. We will guarantee that your content is top-notch using our experience, data analysis skills, and testing capabilities. We offer the following services
  • Expert strategy planning
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad creation & optimization
  • ROI measurements
  • Campaign monitoring & tracking
  • Detailed progress report
Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Can Help Skyrocket Your Business
There is no doubt that PPC is significant (https://webmantra.net/blog/organic-marketing-vs-paid-marketing-everything-you-need-to-know/35 ). It is one of the most common forms of advertising and gives quick results and solid returns. Additionally, PPC visitors are far more likely to convert, which aids in increasing a company's presence on search engines like Google or Bing.
PPC is crucial for companies who are particularly interested in earning cash rapidly or utilising a very small window of marketing opportunity (such as for special events, product launches, holidays, seasonal sales, etc.). In fact, PPC plays a crucial role in both short-term and long-term digital marketing strategies for broad advertising tactics. This is conceivably the main benefit of adopting PPC. PPC advertising, as opposed to SEO, which concentrates on "organic" traffic increase, can provide advertisers with results almost immediately after their ads go live.
Importance of PPC marketing Services can be summarized in the following points -
  • Low Barrier to Entry
  • Improved Brand Visibility
  • Fast Results
  • Quick Experimentation
  • Immediate and Consistent Traffic
  • Total Customization
  • Trackable Data
Why Choose Webmantra For Your PPC Services?

Why Choose Webmantra For Your PPC Services?

Webmantra is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that excels in everything including PPC marketing. Our goal is to achieve results while offering the most efficient digital marketing strategies available in the market. We strive to give a high-touch customer experience.
Why Us -
We are honest about what we can and cannot do for your brand as a digital agency. Honest feedback is encouraged by transparency from all parties involved, which is crucial for both parties if you want your business to develop.
Goal Completion
To make sure the client's business objectives are being accomplished, our professionals carefully measure and analyse the work completed, the outcomes obtained, and the work still to be completed. Due to the fact that it provides information on the amount of visitors who convert, it becomes a crucial measure to monitor.
ROI Driven Results
We employ ROI as a component of analytics, which acts as a baseline for building future marketing plans. This makes it possible to identify which marketing strategies are effective and where we may make improvements.
Strategy And Report Meetings 
We collaboratively set the goals, objectives, and expectations when we first started working with your company. We keep an eye on the goals to show progress by scheduling appropriate intervals for discussion and reporting sessions to maintain accountability. At the same time, we keep improving the digital strategies based on the feedback received.

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