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Augmented Reality

Technology that allows people to interact with and experience three-dimensional (3D) digital content by using devices like smartphones, head-worn displays, or smart glasses

Augmented Reality
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Augmented Reality (AR)

The advent of technology has provided an opportunity for companies to expand the reach of their business, as well as allowing them to create unique and engaging content that would be impossible to create. In recent years, there has been an explosion in AR technology. 
What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging field in computer graphics, real-time 3D rendering, and interactive installation arts. AR is a technology that allows people to interact with and experience three-dimensional (3D) digital content by using devices like smartphones, head-worn displays, or smart glasses with built-in cameras to help "augment" reality.
Augmented reality is a form of computer vision or image recognition. With augmented reality, a computer is not using its camera to capture and interpret an image but instead uses its camera to add new visual elements to the real-world environment.
Augmented reality is the process of developing augmented reality software that utilizes a device's camera and displays to place fictional objects in the user's physical environment. Unlike virtual reality, which is completely virtual and blocks out the real world, augmented reality augments what we see in front of us with computer-generated graphics.

Webmantra’s Augmented Reality Services and Benefits

The Impact Of Augmented Reality Technology on Business

The Impact Of Augmented Reality Technology on Business

The different types of marketing strategies available to marketers and all are limitless, some firms focusing more on traditional forms of marketing, while other businesses are creating new and exciting methods of connecting with their customers. The key to successful marketing is making sure that your message reaches the right people at the right time, and AR technology provides a number of benefits in achieving this goal. 
AR application will allow you to add digital elements to your message that can improve your communication reach and make use of a wide range of visual effects that are hard to recreate with traditional means.
The advent of AR technology is also creating an exciting future for marketers who are adopting this technological trend to grow their business and reach their target audience. The ability to add digital elements into everyday life allows users to be connected at all times in new ways. With the ability to transform any surface or object into a screen that can host digital content, marketers of all types are beginning to see the potential of this technology and its impact on the way they connect with their customers.
With augmented reality services accessible and available, advertisers no longer have to look at a page in a magazine or through a television screen. Advertisers now have numerous ways to connect with their customers, with AR being one of the latest trends in marketing strategies.

Industry Based AR Application solutions

Industry Based AR Application solutions

A pre-made environment is frequently superimposed in augmented reality games over the user's actual surroundings. The actual game can be as easy as playing a game of digital checkers on a table. Our AR development services assist you in creating games that will be successful and bring in a lot of money.

Teachers can improve learning experiences in the classroom, impart new knowledge, stimulate students' minds, and pique their interest in pursuing new academic pursuits by utilizing the interaction and experimentation that AR technology provides. Our specialists can create applications that are both entertaining and stimulating and facilitate learning.
With augmented reality, entertainment gains a fresh perspective and the audience may take an active role in the presentation rather than just being passive consumers. AR adds interaction and interest to the event by fusing the real and virtual worlds. Innovative entertainment applications are developed by one of the best AR App development company.
The operating room, emergency room, general care clinic, and other settings now use augmented reality. Our AR application supports the training of medical students, the practice and performance of complex procedures by doctors, the teaching of students by medical professors, the care of patients by nurses, and the effective management of staff and patients by hospital administration.
Before deciding to make a purchase, eCommerce buyers can preview goods or use services in their own environment and at their own pace thanks to augmented reality (AR). Your clients will be more likely to choose the proper item the first time if AR is used to preview products. Our augmented reality app development services have the power to completely alter your business's environment.
AR Application Development Technology We Use
  • ARCore 
  • ARKit
  • Vuforia
  • ARToolkit
  • Wikitude

Our Work Process for AR App Development

Our Work Process for AR App Development

Requirement Analysis 
We begin our project with the first and most important priority of requirements analysis, resources, and data.
Design & Develop 
We create appealing and appealing designs that are as user-friendly as feasible by utilizing the most recent design technologies. You will receive your prototype after designing it, and it will be used to enhance the development process.
Quality Assurance
Webmantra places high importance on quality and offers applications that are completely bug-free.
App Launch
Your app is ready to deploy after trial and error and following all procedures. We launch the application both on App Store and Play Store for both Android and iPhone users.
Support & Maintenance
After deployment, our organization provides you with full assistance, and the team is always available to address any questions.
Why Choose Webmantra As Your AR App Development Company?

Why Choose Webmantra As Your AR App Development Company?

Webmantra, an AR app development company, provides cutting-edge and successful services for developing augmented reality applications, providing your company the competitive edge it needs to succeed. We provide unique chances for brands and advertisements to contact and engage with customers while connecting the physical and digital worlds. We have experience creating AR applications for a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Why Choose Webmantra?
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