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What is Panorama?

A 360° panorama is a single image or a group of images displayed around the viewer on a continuous surface. Panorama, also referred to as 360° photography, is a kind of photography that utilizes specialized software to take a horizontally expanded picture. Many organizations use this capability to present a 360-degree perspective of their workspaces, concepts, as well as product displays for their clients and customers. Panorama photos are used for advertising on numerous social media platforms in addition to site pages.
As e-commerce evolved, people continued to experiment with different ways to present things, including video, Flash animations, and virtual environments. All of these initiatives aim to promote the product and improve user experience, both of which are important for the customer's decision. Users mostly want to see real products and views from all angles; the more real, the better. Displays in 360° panoramas satisfy customer needs because they appear much more authentic and real. With E-commerce following this trend, you can feel the actual store environment while shopping in addition to seeing the products displayed in 3D, which has increased customer confidence.
Today, organizations from all sectors employ the panoramic technique, but those in the hotel, real estate, architectural, educational, e-commerce, gaming, and entertainment sectors consider it to be the most crucial component. Even IT behemoths like Samsung, Facebook, HTC, and Google are starting to advertise 360-degree videos. With Webmantra’s 360° panorama services, you could even bring about a change in your eCommerce store.

Benefits of using 360° Panorama

Benefits of using 360° Panorama

The benefits of implementing a 360-degree panorama for your website and online store are listed below:
Growing Market:
Since a short time ago, there has been a rapid increase in the number of users of virtual reality. 360-degree images, which are still in their relative infancy, can be used as a cutting-edge, immersive marketing channel for eCommerce. Using the 360° panoramic services offered by Webmantra, businesses may interact with their current and potential clients in a novel way.
Increase Dwell Time:
The better value your page provides to online consumers, the longer visitors stay on it before leaving it and returning to the SERPs. Users can view products in great detail with a 360° Panorama. This makes it possible to have an unrivaled online buying experience. Dwell time grows as a result of the additional time consumers spend on your website.
Competitive Advantage:
There has always been a demand for high-quality pictures, and that need is now greater than ever. This indicates that being able to duplicate the in-store buying experience online is currently the most crucial factor for internet retail. Before making a purchase, customers want to view as many photographs of a product as they can, and they anticipate being able to view things from various perspectives and at great zoom levels. Businesses are able to match these demands and more thanks to 360° panorama product viewers, spin films, and even 3D models, providing you a competitive advantage.
Capturing Attention:
Users spend more time on pages featuring 360° panoramas since they are interactive websites. Prospective buyers study the product by turning it around, zooming in or out, looking at the intricacies, and other actions in addition to just scrolling through 360-degree views. Such material keeps users' attention, and as a result, visitors stay on your website longer to look at 360-degree product photographs.
Increase Engagement:
Customers desire to have a fun and enjoyable time when buying. And 360-degree product photography is one example of interactive material that can accomplish that. According to statistics, it boosts consumer engagement by 32%! This occurs as exploring 360-degree panorama views on a website is considerably more entertaining than simply browsing through photographs.
Unique Experience:
The degree of the unique experience it produces is the second benefit of implementing a 360 product viewer on your website. In addition to letting customers zoom in on intricate details and edit things in real-time, spin images give them the impression that they are in charge of the entire experience. This offers a level of comfort that is simply unavailable even when buying in-store.

Our Process:
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Industries Requiring 360° Panorama Services

Industries Requiring 360° Panorama Services

Webmantra provides numerous successful case studies of 360-degree panorama stitching services. Our research shows that using this strategy on web pages and social media platforms have increased website visitor retention by 5 to 10 times. Here is a list of industries that require 360° panorama services:

Giving your potential customers a 3D view of every service from accommodation to travel to the food you provide will only lead to one thing - an increase in the number of customers you get!

Imagine your users being able to display the settings of their dining or lunch arrangements with a detailed lens that gives them the exact idea of what is waiting for them at your restaurant.

Virtual Shopping Store:
An online shopping store where your users can view the front of the product and back, in and out, zoom in as well as zoom out which gives them an idea of what the actual product will be like.

Fitness Center:
Would you agree that, when it comes to a fitness center, exploring 360-degree views on a website is far more enjoyable than merely looking through photos? Our panorama services will make it happen for you!
Why Choose Webmantra?

Why Choose Webmantra?

Fitting a 360-degree panorama into your website is not simple. It's important to comprehend why a business requires a panorama, how it can help the business, what the client genuinely wants, and how the panorama can help with their needs. The professionals at Webmantra will handle everything for you! We are the perfect choice for you. With us, you get -
  • Transparency
  • Dedicated Developers
  • Smooth User Experience
  • On-Time Delivery

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