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Create an interactive and memorable experiences of your business space

What is Panorama?

Also known as 360° photography, Panorama is a technique of photography that involves capturing a horizontally elongated view using its specialized software. This feature is adopted by various businesses to put forth a 360° view of their business spaces, ideas, and also for product displays for their clients and customers.
Apart from web pages, panorama images are also used for promotional purposes on various social media platforms.
Today, the panorama technique is used by businesses across all industries, however, it has become the most essential factor for businesses from industries like hotels, real estate, architecture, education, e-commerce, gaming and entertainment. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, HTC, and Samsung are even starting to market 360° videos.

Benefits of using 360° Panorama

Improved Technical Decisions:
Allow your team to make real-world assessments by visualizing materials and clashes that aren’t readily viewable in your designing or manufacturing plan, to make technical decisions both faster and easier.
360° Space View:
Show a 360° view of your business spaces and campus spaces.
Product Display:
Allow customers to explore a product image as they would in an actual store, thus optimizing your digital productivity.
New Product Launch:
Introduce new products enabling your customer to explore the details and specifications as though they were in a virtual space.
Case Study Showcase:
Showcase case studies of a wide area front-end work done and delight the viewer with your work as they explore the 360° photo display.
Build Business Transparency:
Give potential clients and customers a behind the scene walkthrough of your business by inviting them to experience the insides of your business, show them what you sell and how you operate to entice them to visit you.
Gain Trust Faster:
Giving your clients and customers a 360° view of your business creates transparency and aids in gaining their trust easier and faster than usual.
Webmantra has successful case studies of 360° panorama display across many industries. Our experience tells us that using this technique on web pages and social media platforms have kept a visitor of the website stay 5 to 10 times longer than usual.

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