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E-mail Marketing

Creating a robust email marketing strategy helps you connect with your target audience

What is E-mail Marketing?

With the several digital marketing channels that have evolved over time, a question has kept on arising from business awner – “Is email marketing still important?”
The answer is YES. Creating a robust email marketing strategy helps you connect with your target audience in a personalized manner and increase sales at an affordable cost. Just like any other digital and conventional platforms, email marketing gives your brand the ability to reach customers more accessible than ever.
Email marketing has the power to speak directly and instantly with your customers and can be an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Moreover, it is completely measurable and allows you to build trust and loyalty fundamentally. Because the truth is that your customers check their emails, they want to receive emails from the brands they do shopping with. But they only want it if you're emailing valuable content.

Webmantra’s Email Marketing Services – to speed up your sales cycle

How we can help?

Email Marketing Strategy:
The very first thing our email marketing agency will do is build a strong strategy for your brand. It will define the 'who, when, what, and how' of your email marketing campaign. We will search for your target audience and determine what type of content will attract them the most. We will then cure a content strategy to determine what your brand's message should be and how we are going to add value. And finally, we determine when will these emails be sent and how will they generate leads down your marketing funnel.

Lead Magnets:
The next thing our email marketing experts will do is create a strategy to develop your email list. This usually consists of developing lead magnets that incentivize people to provide you with their email address in exchange for something valuable. Examples of these lead magnets include quizzes, e-books, checklists, and much more. Our consultants will work closely with you to develop a lead magnet to attract more and more leads for your business.

Call To Actions:
Our marketing team will implement a call to actions on your website to promote your lead magnets. This exercise will help you to convert your website visitors into email subscribers. Usually, these call to actions includes website pop-ups, sidebar forms, floating headers, and more.

Ad Campaigns:
One of the fastest ways to grow your email list is to advertise your lead magnets in different digital media. You would need our search engine marketing and social media marketing services to accomplish this. Our experts will promote your lead magnets on search engines or social media to gain more subscribers. We would derive traffic from ads to a custom landing page that allows people to opt-in to your newsletter list.
Email Marketing Tools:
You can use our recommended email marketing software for the best results. We will help you select and use an email marketing tool to receive leads and send emails. In case you have a preferred email marketing tool, we can also integrate with yours if it fits well within our capabilities.
Email Newsletters:
Our marketing specialists will design newsletters that reflect your brand and business. The emails we create consist of best practices for email delivery, open rates, CTR (click-through rates), and conversions. The content in these emails may include blogs, products and services, upcoming events, case studies and more.
Email List Maintenance:
We perform routine list maintenance. It is advisable to remove unengaged subscribers from your email list. If your subscribers disagree with your newsletters, it may negatively impact your email campaign. In simple words, if you have a bad list, you may end up in spam. We monitor your subscriber engagement regularly to ensure that you have a good email list.
We make sure to use each penny towards getting you business that you spend with us. We send reports every month to monitor the email marketing performance. The primary metrics we look at are subscribers count, click-through rate and conversion rate. We continuously review, analyze and strategize to perform better.

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