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Hybrid Apps

Enable a quicker app launch with minimum expenses

What is Hybrid Application Development?

Hybrid Application Development is a kind of cross-platform development having a mix of both native and web solutions.
A hybrid application is developed having its programming written using web technologies like HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript; and the programming is then confined within a native application of each operating system using platforms like Cordova and Appcelerator Titanium. This enables an application to be rendered across multiple platforms.
The unique combination of frameworks allows a hybrid application to possess elements of both native apps and web apps. With this, the software can access a device's hardware features like accelerometer, camera, microphone, etc.; and the application can also display web pages from the desktop website.

Benefits of Hybrid Applications

What are the benefits of using Hybrid Applications?

While web-based and native apps have their own set of unique benefits, hybrid mobile applications have garnered popularity among business owners because of the blend of features.
Webmantra has understood the essence of hybrid application development and thus sharing with you its core benefits and features and how the hybrid approach has helped businesses around the world.

Faster & Easier:
Hybrid applications are faster to develop and simpler to understand. The companies can leverage their existing web development codes for programing and can deploy it on both operating systems – iOS and Android.

Easy To Maintain:
A hybrid application does not require a new version with every new update and makes app maintenance as simple as updating a web page, that too in real-time.

The hybrid mobile development approach enables the targeting of multiple platforms without maintaining numerous code bases. It is a very cost-effective approach, in fact with correct strategies in place a hybrid application can help attract higher revenues than usual.

Improved UI & UX:
Hybrid applications make use of the native UI & UX elements on both iOS and Android operating systems. The excellent UI helps in loading content and graphics quickly and remains seamless even while working on fixes and updates across all platforms, thus aiding to consistent and flawless user experience.

Supports Plugins:
With the use of platforms like Cordova, a hybrid application can enable plugins that allow you to extend your application features beyond the limitations of a ‘browser’ and gives you access to the full suite of capabilities of a user’s mobile device.
  • Provide TouchID on an iOS device as a login option
  • Allow connecting your application to a Bluetooth device

Supports Offline Functioning:
It is one of the most rewarding features of hybrid applications. It overpowers the challenge most applications commonly suffer - the lack of offline support leading to longer app loading time, thus giving users an uninterrupted experience.

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