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Meet our team

We are a team of creative and passionate professionals committed to
producing result-focused execution

Fiery. Relentless. Passionate.

The entire team is focused on client benefits rather than merely accomplishing project goals.

Hetal GandhiDirector, Business Development

An engineer with a specialization in management, Hetal is a co-founder of Webmantra, putting together his diverse experience of over 20 years in the digital industry to help us grow every day. He is a technology enthusiast and a rigorous follower of global digital trends, enabling Webmantra to widen the scope of service offerings on day to day basis. It is his strategic thinking that has led us to build business offshore and forming strong alliances with various agencies overseas. Having an adaptive charm for the latest technology and digital trends, he has never failed to surprise us with new strategic and technical ideas, becoming a veritable idea generator for Webmantra’s development.

Our technology enthusiast by profession is also a fitness fanatic in person. Holding an immense passion for running and growing himself fitter and healthier every day, Hetal has likewise also helped in making our business stronger, better and challenge ready.

Nirav BhattDirector, Sales & Marketing

Webmantra’s most diligent multiplayer, Nirav looks after various business areas of performance. From business development to operations to looking after the administrative functions, he looks after the performance of all and accomplishes all the tasks and assignments doing complete justice to it. His zealous approach has helped Webmantra in expanding our reach to not just different business industries but we have also touched different geographies. His professional competence has made him a vital role player for Webmantra holding immense value among our other management team.

He holds an immense fondness for traveling. According to Nirav, traveling broadens his horizon on both professional and personal level.

Vaishal ShahDirector, Multimedia & Web Technologies

Vaishal is also one of the founders and directors at Webmantra, holding an experience of over 10 years in the areas of multimedia and web programming. He completes our management team with his sheer attention to detailing and his ability to deploy different technologies as per the project requirements. His dedication and consistency towards his work is equally on point as his precision to make every project a successful one. Vaishal primarily looks after the server management, however with his proficiency in web technologies also expands his role to various operational functions whenever required.

Being one of the foodie members among the management, he holds a taste bud for various cuisines. And just like his taste buds Vishal’s intellect around various facets of management, emphasizes his value in the team and to the organization.

Naman ChokshiDirector, Design & Development

One of our founders with a passion for everything that’s digital, Naman is the heart of our web design and development team. He administers projects from start to finish. He supervises and guides our teams throughout the development processes, while also ensuring timely delivery for each job. From strategizing and innovating unique ways and ideas to looking into the research, conceptualization, and site planning; along with paying close attention to the nature of your business and your customer behavior and needs, he looks into every small aspect for delivering a successful digital solution, giving your business a remarkable online image.

He is not only apt with his designs and processes but is also well updated with the latest developments in web technology to ensure the incorporation of same for the client’s benefit. With his experience of over a decade, Naman has not only been our team’s favorite but has also been praised by many clients for his exceptional UX designs.

Pallav GandhiDirector, Graphics & Panorama

One of the very versatile co-founders of Webmantra, Pallav is a certified Webmaster known for his exceptional technical knowledge and excellence in every project work. His varied experience of 14 years in the digital industry has made him an all-rounder, competent, and our organization’s rack for innovative ideas. With his unique sense of designing and profound understanding of graphics and colors, he has attained an uncanny ability to capture every client’s vision and translate it into an outstanding design.

Pallav believes in always keeping himself updated with the changing industry standards and technology innovations occurring in his domain, making his game strong in every aspect of growth and development. He is our support for every stage in the organization and his contributions have been very valuable for our growth.

His versatile attribute is not just on professional but also on the personal front. Pallav is a well-travelled man both nationally and internationally having a great love for various music genres and also possessesa gourmet taste for different varieties of cuisines. He has an uncompromising nature when it comes to quality in every area of his life.

Pallav is a people’s man, always approachable with a knack for always keeping the teams motivated.

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