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Cross-Platform Apps

Provide the flexibility of building your app using one universal language for multiple smartphone platforms.

What is Cross-Platform Development?

Traditionally, the programming and development of mobile applications were done separately for different operating systems like iOS and Android as the programming language of one could not be recognized by the other. Later the idea of cross-platform application development was introduced to provide the flexibility of building your app using one universal language for multiple smartphone platforms.
Cross-Platform application development is the one-end programming of software using a single language that can support multiple operating systems, viz. iOS and Android.
In the growing trend of BYOD (bring your own device) in the business world, employees use their own personal mobile devices for accessing company applications and data. Hence, it became essential for companies to develop applications that can operate on different networks and operating systems.
There are many frameworks now providing cross-platform development like Ionic, Cordova, Xamarin, etc. However, the two leading players in the cross-platform niche were introduced by the 2 biggest players of the digital world.
  • Reactive Native: launched by Facebook in 2015
  • Flutter: introduced by Google in 2017

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React Native for Cross-Platform Development

React Native is an open-source cross-platform framework for mobile app development. It uses React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces of an application. React Native was created by Facebook for building natively rendering mobile applications that work both on Android and iOS.
Examples of Applications developed with Reach Native framework: Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud.

Flutter for Cross-Platform Development

Flutter is also a cross-platform framework created by Google with an intent for the fast development of user interfaces. It uses Dart language for app development which is also a programming language considered to be an alternative of Javascript. 
Examples of Applications developed with Google’s Flutter framework: Alibaba.com, Google Ads, Perfectly, Google Greentea, Birch Finance

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