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Web Design - UI & UX

Setting a strong first impression on your visitor and building trust in your audiences

What is Web Design – UI & UX?

A lot of times web designing and web development have been confused to be the same. However, they both stand as two different sides of the same coin, having different roles of their own. Where web development refers to building a website, the design of a website becomes an important aspect of it.
“Web design is a wide umbrella; defining a website’s visual and it’s usability by the designed graphics, user interface(UI) and user experience(UX); in the broad process of website development.”
When you plan on developing a new website for your business or the revampment of your existing website, you always wonder how will your website look like and what impact will it leave on your audience and thus your business. The design of your website plays a silent but important role in boosting your market presence.

Good web design will support your business with the following:
  • Setting a strong first impression on your visitor
  • Boosting your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy 
  • Building trust in your audience
  • Assurance of a good Customer Service to your visitor
  • Getting among the top competitors
Webmantra is a leading Digital Agency providing services as a Web Design Company in India. Our experts have the proper knowledge and experience required for UX/UI Web Designing and we are open for custom and bespoke web designs as well. Get in touch with us to know more!

How we can help?

User Interface Web Design (UI)

User interface (UI) design focuses on what works visually for the brand to evoke the desired look, tone, and feel on a website. It is the styling of the structure and content that a user shall see during the web experience. Also, the interactive controls on a website like display buttons and gesture controls, are the result of an effectively designed user interface. We ensure that Webmantra’s UI design strategy ensures that your brand message is well translated into your website design and that all the controls are self-explanatory and as responsive as possible for the user to have a seamless and swift interactive experience. Trust our experts to make the best custom web design for you!

User Experience Web Design (Web UX)

User Experience (UX) design focuses on the behavior of a user when using the website. It is a critical analysis of the structure and flow of a website considering what a user shall need. Messy navigation options like cluttered drop-down menus or too many menus everywhere on the screen confuse the user. With UX design we can have a website navigation flow of how a user reads through a page, where they click to navigate between pages, how they find and access the information they want. With this, we can have a clear sitemap and wireframe for website development.
Webmantra’s UX design strategy includes content strategy and information architecture covering all areas from which content goes where to conversion forms, scrolling vs. clicking, and what copy is on your call-to-action buttons.
Like web design and web development, whether bespoke web design or not, UI and UX are also two important aspects of the same umbrella having their individual roles in designing a website. Webmantra specializes in combining the characteristics of both for designing a website to give your audience the best experience, thus enabling you to create happy customers.

Other areas of our web designing services include

  • Foolproof Strategy 
  • Creative Development
  • Purposeful Visuals
  • Interactive Designing
  • SEO Friendly Development
  • Strong Content Development
  • User-Friendly Navigation
  • Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons
  • Page speed

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