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Web Design - UI & UX

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Web Design - UI & UX

What is Web Design – UI & UX?

UI UX design is the process of enhancing user interface design and user experience design in order to make products more efficient, simple, and enjoyable. It is the process that shapes how an individual with a specific purpose interacts with your company's product or services. It is not just about visualizing elements on screen but also thinking about the different options that can be available for each interaction you want a user to do with your product. 
UI UX design has evolved over the years and it is still evolving. In the past, people would create wireframes using software like Powerpoint so they could understand what an interface should look like. Today, companies use wireframing tools to not only visualize elements but also organize them in a meaningful and engaging way. To put it simply, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design is the process of taking a digital product from idea to life. The UIUX designer is responsible for the look and feel of the software and its user experience.

How we can help?

What Is Included In Our Services

What Is Included In Our Services

Website Design Services include the procedures for designing any web-based solution's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Webmantra skilfully strikes a balance between the technology, visual appeal, and commercial goals for each of its professional web design projects, giving you online experiences that load quickly, are significant, and have a high conversion rate.
Our Services Include -
1. UI Design:
The goal of UI design services is to develop visually engaging, brand-strengthening digital user experiences that draw in and keep users. Webmantra provides UI designs that are specifically designed for your market, represent customer values, and powerfully support your business goals. We focus our efforts on creating sites that provide both users and visitors with a uniquely valuable user experience. Based on detailed research, and years of web design experience, our web development teams develop custom-tailored interactive digital interfaces that help your business achieve its objectives.
2. UX Design
The main goal of user experience design services is to create human and software interaction processes that are seamless. We strive to deliver a top-quality user experience by designing intuitive interfaces that create the best possible consumer experiences in the most effective way possible. Our UX designers specialize in a unique methodology for uncovering and developing the user experience. We bring your project to life by capturing your client's vision and designing an intuitive interface that delivers the optimal user experience. The design and development of creative solutions that are powerful, easy to use, and adaptive to changing user needs.
3. Responsive Web Design
Responsive website design services guarantee that a web solution will adapt to the size of the screen it is presented on. Webmantra converts the capabilities of your web solution into an interactive, seamlessly running, and effectively engaging digital experience. Webmantra translates a web solution’s specific functionality into a mobile experience and also provides a digital experience to desktop users. We help you drive higher levels of user engagement and customer satisfaction by optimizing the content and layouts for mobile devices.
Advantages Of A Responsive Web Design With Webmantra
  • An Approach That Prioritises Mobile
  • Driven By Your Business Goals
  • Guaranteed Results
4. Responsive Web App Design
The goal of responsive web application design services is to modify online applications for mobile device screens. Webmantra goes above this service objective by developing mobile-first web experiences that easily match the caliber of native mobile apps and speak to the unique needs of mobile users. Webmantra's responsive web app design services provide creative as well as technical solutions for converting websites into mobile-friendly applications with smart content resizing and flexible layouts.
5. Ecom Website Design
Services for designing and developing e-commerce websites aid in creating a premium shopping experience for today's picky consumers. Working with Webmantra will give you the opportunity to work with eCommerce developers well-versed in conversion-driven UIs and elevated eCommerce frameworks. These frameworks are built keeping in mind the needs of today's consumers and ensuring that your eCommerce business website has all it needs for success. As a Web Design Agency, we follow leading technologies and techniques to ensure the longevity of your brand on the web.
Other Outstanding Website Design Services We Offer in Compliance With Industry Standards
  • B2C Website/Portal design
  • B2B Website/Portal Design
6. Web Redesign
Through a UX and UI makeover, website redesign services assist in changing a website's current overall appearance. In order to ensure longer visitor visits and a greater conversion rate we handle the entire cycle of website redesign, including UI and UX audits, downloading speed optimization, and content migration. A successful website redesign involves the improvement of the usability of a website's interface. If a web design has been around for a long time and is not being updated, UX and UI makeover services will help make it more attractive to the user.
How We Work

How We Work

The UI/UX design process starts with deep research into knowing what our users want or need to perform a specific task. Our designers will find out how they currently solve that problem and understand their motivations. The team has an open mind to not just create something new without prior investigation of current issues. The ideas are translated into wireframes in order to understand if it will be efficient for a user to interact with it. Whether that's a smartphone app, website, or otherwise, there are some basic principles we keep in mind while designing your product.

Services As A UX Design Agency
  • User Research and Analysis
  • Persona and Scenario Creation
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Testing
Services As A UI Design Agency
  • Competitive And Tailored Design
  • Designs To Meet Your Customer Services And Marketing Objectives
  • Early Design Samples
Why Choose Webmantra As Your Next Web Design Agency?

Why Choose Webmantra As Your Next Web Design Agency?

An online solution's overall appearance, feel, and functionality, according to users, determines how they perceive the business that created it. To put it another way, your online presence is vital to the success of your business whether or not you conduct business online. You immediately invest in the future of your business when you spend money on web design.
As a Web Design Agency listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2022 by Financial Times, Webmantra focuses on conversions and adheres to SEO and WCAG2 regulations as and when requested by the client with a well-established agile process structured to meet the client’s needs and expectations.
Early on in a project, Webmantra conducts a thorough examination of your users' expectations. Every time our team designs a website or web portal, we keep in mind your unique marketing and promotional goals. In order to comprehend your business operations and offer a design that will support your unique conversion strategy, we establish a fruitful working relationship with the stakeholders. Using information obtained from competitor firm analyses, market studies, and user research, we blend your brand style with the most recent web design trends. This strategy enables us to produce unique, cut-throat designs that support your marketing objectives, reinforce your brand identification, and reflect your business values.

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