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MEAN Stack Development

Build fast web applications, and also scale the same easily

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack Development Services

The ability to create applications using integrated stacks of fundamental technology has always been desired by developers. Instead of joining many distinct parts together, they can spend more time developing apps that distinguish the business by employing a set of standardized building blocks. We present to you MEAN Stack Development.

What Is MEAN Stack?
MEAN stack is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, Node.js, and MySQL which make up the toolkit commonly used to build JavaScript web applications both on the server-side as well as in client browsers.
MEAN stack has been designed in such a manner that it allows developers to build fast web applications, and also scale the same easily. MEAN stack is a powerful toolkit that boosts the development of modern web applications. It allows developers to build web applications with a great deal of speed and efficiency.

Let’s understand MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN Stack Web and Mobile App Development
The MVC framework is used by our MEAN Stack Web Development Company to build dynamic websites, single-page applications, CRUD applications, and web apps that are quick, adaptable, and reliable.
MEAN Stack Application Development
Depending on your needs, we provide specialized MEAN Stack application development services. Our developers are available if you need assistance creating unique solutions that satisfy your company's needs. As a MEAN Stack development agency, we offer innovative solutions using our best knowledge.
MEAN Stack CMS Development
To design a reliable, scalable, effective, and user-friendly CMS for clients, we will apply our skills and knowledge in MEAN Stack development. To make sure that the CMS is extremely secure, our developers incorporate the best security measures.
ExpressJS Design and Development
Select Webmantra for dependable and module-specific Express JS design and development. We offer top-notch Express JS design and development services that are tailored to your company's requirements.
AngularJS Design and Development
Create responsive webpages and apps with dynamic user interfaces and rich user experiences by utilizing the web app framework AngularJS. Our AngularJS applications operate on a variety of platforms and have a unified visual style.
MEAN Stack Porting
Your company applications and platforms can be ported or moved to the MEAN Stack framework with the aid of our MEAN Stack development services. With the aid of MongoDB, a NoSQL database, migration is simple.
Components Of MEAN
The acronym MEAN stands for MongoDB - a database that stores data in JSON format; ExpressJS- a minimal framework built on top of Node.js and facilitates routing requests from the server to different views; AngularJS- an open-source JavaScript front-end MVC framework for building apps with rich UI components; NodeJS- a platform built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine that provides asynchronous and event-driven programming model as well as an API designed for writing network applications. Our MEAN development services include the use of these four components as described below:
AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript MVC framework. It helps in creating dynamic front-end web applications with data-driven declarative templates and maintaining state-full behavior. It is used by many companies around the world, especially in eCommerce, SaaS, CSS, and Single Page Applications. 
MongoDB is an open-source, NoSQL database that has become quite popular recently. MongoDB is known for its high-performance, document-oriented data store, and JSON storage. It serves as a data backend for MEAN stack applications.
ExpressJS (also called NodeJS) is a JavaScript library for building web applications using the NodeJS framework as it serves as a framework to build a server-side web application using JavaScript programming language.
JavaScript code can be run server-side using the open-source development platform NodeJS. NodeJS is helpful for creating real-time apps like chat, news feeds, and web push alerts that need a stable connection from the user to the server.
Benefits Of Choosing Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Benefits Of Choosing Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Compared to other technologies, the MEAN stack ecosystem has 20% reduced development costs because it is open-source.
Due to the database, front end, and back end all being written in the same programming language, software delivery is 30% faster.
Due to an engaging and user-friendly UI, customer satisfaction scores of 90% and above were achieved.
Our Process
Discovery >> Design >> Development >> Testing >> Deployment
What Makes Webmantra Your Perfect Partner For MEAN Stack Development?

What Makes Webmantra Your Perfect Partner For MEAN Stack Development?

We know that scaling your business requires MEAN Stack Development and Web Development Services. The web development industry is always growing. New companies and new tools are released every day. While some of these tools are great, others are not as useful or as reliable. Because of this, we believe that our teams should be using the best and most modern tools for their work. However, there are many different ways to go about developing a new project or scaling an existing one. 
With no standardized development stack, it can be difficult to find the best team for your business needs. Once you understand what makes our team the best for MEAN stack development services, you will see why we continue to grow as fast as we do!
We want to make sure that our customers have the best experience with their website. That is why we make sure to use the most convenient, modern, and scalable development tools. Our teams use Angular 4, NodeJS, and MongoDB for every project. We will not show you a blueprint for success; we will teach you how to build your own blueprint for success.
With our MEAN stack development services, developers can deliver any type of web application without sacrificing performance or quality. You will never have to worry about waiting for a lengthy download or installation process with Webmantra! Our team works together on every project, which means that you will never have to worry about your project being handled in a piecemeal fashion.

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