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Digital Startup

It requires well-planned strategy & systematic execution with a review on every step to make startup stable and profitable.

Do you have an idea and want to launch your digital startup?

Do you have an idea and want to launch your digital startup? But do you know that 90% of Startups fail in the first couple of years? If you are thinking that they shut down because it was not a great idea then you are wrong there are many reasons behind it.

Having a great-unique idea, team, and funds may not be enough to grow your startup and make it stable and profitable. Well, that primarily requires a well-planned strategy & systematic execution with a review on every step. What should a startup focus on?

Strength of Webmantra

1. Internationally acclaimed
Headquartered in India, Webmantra is well established top digital agency that  has expertise at bespoke design & development digital solutions that represent your ideas and imagination like no other company.

2. Innovative
Webmantra is a creative agency with a passion to develop contemporary & innovative digital solution with our huge experience working with various industries and technologies.

3. Quality service
Apart from our expertise at bespoke design & development we are equally focussed on client servicing and have been maintain rapport over the years.

4. Personalized approach
We are expert at providing custom digital solutions and are very focussed on client precise requirement. We discuss goals of the client and plan the digital strategy to achieve their digital goals. We work very closely to client and their team to acheive their digital goals. We give very personal approach to each of our client where they also consult with us for their business needs apart from the current services provided.

How can Webmantra help in Startup Business?

Concept Clarity - Clarity about the idea - Product / Service

An individual is always fancy about their idea or concept or his dream project but it needs to validate the viability of the digital project or idea. So, for this very purpose, the team of team Webmantra will have a series of brainstorming sessions with individuals or team to understand their idea and counter their ideas with the current market scenario, competition, existing target user’s usage pattern, etc. This will bring a more concrete understanding of ideas and demography.
Enhancing and bringing out the best in your concept is our objective. Top startup digital marketing agency Webmantra, has decade-long experience and clarity in this working with multiple companies in various industries.

Primary (online survey) / secondary research Once the concept is cleared

In today’s continually fast-paced competitive world with shorter product lifespans, making the right decisions and marketing strategy is critical for the survival of your business. This process of gathering and analyzing the information of customers' usage patterns and competition products is known as market research. Two buckets of market research are important in this context: primary research and secondary research. Primary research is the one that is conducted on your own or by hiring someone to do the relevant research. In this current scenario, we can execute it by an online survey which can be free or paid using different digital tools. Webmantra will assist you in proper strategic market research. Then comes the secondary research that has already been conducted, gathered, and published by different agencies. This incorporates studies and reports carried out by research forms are government agencies. Since more inputs are required from previous market research in case studies of the competitors, digital marketing agency for startups Webmantra has experience in this field for competition analysis.

Market Placement Strategy

Post-market research we will be able to analyze the existing product or services in line with the target audience, pricing, and geography. We can identify the exact space where we can place our product or services in line with the pricing, Target Audience for a particular market. Digital marketing solutions Webmantra will rightly demonstrate your expertise and the perfect marketing strategy appropriate for your business.

Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has been adopted by most startups these days as a major part of their marketing strategy. Digital Marketing is economical compare to traditional marketing technics and analysis of ROI is also possible. So, Webmantra can help you create your marketing strategy in traditional and digital ways. We can opt for traditional branding tools like newspaper ads, hoarding, radio ads, tv ads, etc, and also on the other side help in promoting business by search engine optimization, social media optimization, influencer marketing, etc.

Financial Documents

We understand what kind of financial documents are required by venture capitalists or angel investors. What is most important for this is working on your startup budget and the cost and estimating the profit and loss for the adjacent years. This financial break-even analysis is required by investors to see where their cash and revenue are leading to. The products and services that are being sold and estimated volumes and expenses for marketing initiatives have to be kept in mind while making the cost worksheet. Therefore financial documents like profit and loss account for the coming 4 to 5 years can be planned as per the product development cost, operational Cost & Marketing cost.

Investor Pitch Dock

It is a well-known fact that 90% of startups don't take off due to a lack of funds. So startups need an initial thrust of finance to take a first step and which is available from the investors.  Also, investors investing in startups review the project proposal very skeptical as there is a lot of risks involved. So it is very important to present the project with them perfectly and precisely as they don't give a long time for a presentation. Webmantra can help you for creating up the Investor Pitch dock by having project ideas, marketing strategies, financial plans, and revenue models presented with more visual style so they can be grasped faster than giving figures. It is difficult for a startup to manage everything all together and therefore the need for Digital Agency arises. How about hitting on the right Digital Agency is of profuse importance as they in turn will pitch the investors.

Digital Development

Once you are ready to kick off the project Webmantra can plan the digital strategy under which it can be decided which digital tools will be apt to be created i.e. website, mobile app, social media assets, etc. reach the target audience.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing i.e. search engine optimization, content marketing, social media optimization, etc. can be planned in line with the Target groups to get maximum branding and conversions.

Support Service

In the initial time of startup, it is not possible to have overheads to deploy the development team, support team, and marketing team in-house. Webmantra, a startup's digital platform, can help you in providing the resources you need for your initial year for doing the ongoing maintenance of your website or mobile application. We can help you to give your back office team analyzing the coming leads and scrutinize the perfect ones to work upon. We can get you a resource-based and project-based digital marketing team for search engine optimization and social media optimization.
Our service incorporates reaching out to targeted clients at the right time. Internet is the keystone of the modern world where beneficial digital marketing strategies are prerequisites for launching and growth of any business. When it comes to startups and small businesses, a higher level of planning in digital marketing for generating in enhancing communication with potential customers is a must. If you don’t want to hire the team from the start Webmantra can help you in the initial year to have a team working for you from our premises. It includes overall analysis of the project, marketing support and leads analysis. These platforms are so impressive that they can shape users’ decisions and preferences for a product or service.
The most profitable strategies of digital marketing have to be selected by you if you are the start up, in order to gain specified objectives in your wishlist.

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