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Our Process

Web Development process at Webmantra



Planning starts with information gathering of the company i.e. understanding company’s product line and services, their purpose of creating the website and their target audience. In this phase Site map and features gets confirmed which will help in the second phase of Idea Generation & Designing.



Idea creation helps to start designing the home page and following page formats. Understanding the target audience, site map and features of website enables to custom design home page for the client which will appeal to Target audience.



Once all the layouts are approved at client’s end we take up development phase and programming. database design architecture, backend module development and integrating with the front end design takes place in this phase.



D-day. Moment of truth. All our hard work has paid off and now you ready to go live. We’re pumped to show off your beautiful new site and hope you are too.



Digital Marketing has varied options like Search engine optimisation, Google Adwords, Social Media Optimisation, Email Campaigns, Display Advertisements, etc. and it is has to be selected carefully according to the goals to be achieved.



Google analytics are set for each project which gives detailed information about the visitors, demographic, devices, technology used to access the website. Analytics of mobile Apps for IOS & Android can be also achieved with the goals set up.

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