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How Does Voice Search Impact and Optimize SEO?

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September 10, 2021
How Does Voice Search Impact and Optimize SEO?
With the advancement and development of technology and the internet, trends continue to change every few years. A decade ago, buzzwords like "search" and "text" could be used to describe and define SEO. Today, though, the tendency has shifted to voice search SEO. While browsing the internet, most of us use the voice search function. There is a distinction to be made between typing a query online and searching for it via the voice search option. If you want to rank well on search engines, your material must be optimised for voice searches as well.
Before we discuss how Voice Search Optimization can help your SEO rankings, let us talk about what Voice Search is!

What Is Voice Search?
You must be aware of gadgets like Amazon Alexa, Google Home as well as Siri on your mobile phones. If you have used any one of them, you must be quite familiar with Voice Search. Instead of typing a query, you speak to a gadget and ask a question verbally. When you use voice search, the device will either deliver an answer from a website or direct you to a website for more information. The device will tell you where it received the information as it speaks the answer to you.

Next, we will talk about how voice search is changing SEO!

How Does Voice Search Impact SEO?
As mentioned earlier, voice search is not similar to the queries we type on the internet. The functions differ, the way we speak a query and the way we type one - differs as well. We do not speak the way we type and thus, voice search queries differ from the normal conventional queries. If you are considering using the Voice Search function to your benefit, you will have to account for the voice search option in your queries and content.
Let us consider this example for a Voice Search Local SEO. For instance, you are looking to buy a good quality colour printer. When you type it, it will look like - “good quality colour printer”. However, when you search for the same thing using voice command, you will say - “ Where can I get a good quality colour printer?” or something along similar lines.
People converse with voice search devices as if they were another person, therefore you must account for conversational tones and words. Let us see how to optimize a site for voice search
Webmantra experts implement these tips while optimizing any site for Voice Search.

Voice Search SEO Tips You Must Follow:

1. Concentrate on semantic search.
Semantic search is a type of search method that focuses on better understanding user search intent. This helps you to generate content that is more relevant to what searchers are looking for – and, as a result, gain more voice search features.
For instance, the voice query says “movies in Ahmedabad”. Now, if you are a movie theatre owner, you should be ready for all kinds of responses. The user must be searching for movies that are airing in theatres or maybe for shows that were set and made in Ahmedabad. Understanding any user’s intent is very important to optimize a site for Voice Search.

2. Produce Useful, Helpful Information.
It is tempting to utilise phrases specific to your area while writing material, but your average reader may not understand what those terms mean. If you want to properly optimise for voice search, write in the language of your target audience. For instance, you might want to use local phrases to make the content more appealing to local Voice Search SEO users. However, that might not bring in users apart from your locality. This is why Webmantra keeps the target audience in mind while creating content and developing a website.

3. Aim To Get Featured Snippets
You must optimise your site to receive featured snippets – and eventually position zero if you wish to appear in additional voice searches. It is important that you look for the search results on page one.
So, what exactly are featured snippets (position zero)?
When you make an internet search, you may notice a box at the top of the search results. It's usually a paragraph of material with your search terms highlighted in bold. This information box (a featured snippet) is taken from a website that Google believes provides the best answer. This is one of the ways Webmantra experts use for Voice Search Optimization.

4. Google Business Listing
A lot of us search for queries like “a pharmacy near me”, “where is a pizza shop near me?”, “a restaurant near me”, and so on. If you are a local business owner, you must claim your My Business Listing on Google. 
When someone searches for a nearby location, any search engine answers with the top 3 pages. You could be one of the top 3 if you have optimised your business with Local Voice Search SEO.

5. Do You Have An FAQ Page?
When searching people typically ask questions for answers. You may help drive to your website by developing a FAQ page by answering your question. You can use snippets to create a FAQ page for your information. You can produce material that addresses common queries directly if you want to take it a step further. Webmantra experts have created many FAQ pages for our clients, which in turn have helped attract valuable leads.
Are you considering Voice Search Optimization? Get in touch with Webmantra right away!