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Voice Search The New Trend of 2021

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March 23, 2021
Voice Search The New Trend of 2021 One sure trend that to catch more fire in 2021 is voice search. Voice Search uses Digital devices like Google Assist, Amazon Alexa, iPhone Siri, and even non-phone devices like smart TVs. You think you have a great SEO and Digital marketing strategy, think again. Do you have a good Voice Search Optimization strategy in place for 2021? The current pandemic situation and 2021 voice-based searches had a great influence on the technological development that should have occurred in the coming 10 years.

What is Voice Search?

Also called, voice-enabled, as the name suggests is a voice-based digital search. This allows the user for a voice command to search a website or an app or on the internet. In a broader perspective, open domain keyword queries on any data information on the internet are given by voice search involving numerous rounds of interaction allowing for the system to ask for clarifications. So how is it different from the Organic Search? Voice search is a technology where voice recognition does searches for people by speaking into their smartphones or home devices like Google search or Amazon Alexa. Depending upon the input type, the search terms and experience differ considerably.

How is the Trend Changing?

Today Voice Technology is not restricted to smartphones and home devices, it covers all devices that come under the umbrella of IoT(Internet of Things) such as smart TVs, smart home appliances like AC. What is significant to note is that according to Statistics, more than 25% of the Google searches in 2021 would be voice-based and at least 31% use the voice search once a week. Media analysts like Comscore and Gartner have predicted that 50% of the searches will be voice-based. This indicates a huge shift to Voice searches and smart speakers. The most interesting part is voice search technology has spread so wide that it now falls under the umbrella term Internet of Things(IoT) such as a smart TV e A home kit or thermostat. The direct applications for these devices are not there however, a greater number of searches are presently made on either a smart device or a smartphone. This suggests a humongous growth in voice searches. It’s becoming a huge thing in the SEO optimization space and any marketing plan without the same would henceforth be impossible to think of. Marketing trends suggest that its growing popularity will push the agencies to include them in their strategies.

For Local businesses specifically Voice Search, the search is from local search optimized voice search.Like a Restaurant near me or Hospital near me. With every increase in Smart speaker Sales like Siri or Alex, there will increase in the Voice Searches. While searching through voice, consumers are most likely to search 3 times locally. Research says that in 2019 it was observed that, about 58% of customers learn about their local businesses using a voice search, 46% of the users use voice search technology for finding information on local businesses on a daily. Speech recognition has been carried to new heights by ML, Big data, and AL. The use of Voice search will only expand through 2021 with more people on the go. Applications that are voice-enabled will rule the Digital platforms and will help the integration of the Digital and physical world. It will enhance the ability to multitask and any marketing plan especially for Local businesses will be incomplete without a Voice Search application.
Before proceeding with optimization you should be aware of three rules. The device is used to determine the result. For example: if you ask Google by using voice search “how to prepare a sandwich” you are likely to get a short answer. However, you asked the same question using a Google home a detailed explanation for the recipe for preparing sandwiches will be given to you. The top pages are three determinants of voice search as the results depend upon the top-ranking pages from SERPs. More than 91 % of the results are from the top five searches of Google. Answers are taken from featured snippets: According to some analysts, 41% of answers come from featured snippets.

Different results are often provided by voice search queries when a text-based search has been made. Statistics based on surveys in the USA show people use voice for mostly food-related requests. Restaurants/cafés (51%), Grocery stores (41%), Food delivery (35%), Clothing stores (32%), Hotels/bed and breakfasts (30%). Local businesses much resembling a call-to-action button on web pages are driven by voice searches. Some of the possible outcomes after a voice search has been made are: 28% of customers call the business, the business’s website is visited by 27% of the consumers, 19% of the users visit a business in person.
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