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Ultimate guide to social media marketing for local small Businesses - Get A Free Case study

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August 27, 2021
Ultimate guide to social media marketing for local small Businesses - Get A Free Case study
The idea of leveraging social media for business was unheard of ten years ago. However, with the development of social media behemoths like LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, more companies are realising the marketing potential of these platforms. The rise of social media influencers and content creators has opened up new avenues for business. Brands may now reach their customers and create revenue using social media marketing and influencers in acceptable ways.
You're always looking for fresh ways to get your company's name in front of potential clients as a small business owner. If you haven't done so previously, using social media in your business is a terrific way to stay in touch with existing clients while also attracting new ones.
Small businesses have an advantage over large corporations when it comes to social media marketing. Why? The efficiency of social media comes down to engagement. If a company does not engage with its customers, it is unlikely to succeed in social media marketing. The most important advantage of social media is that it humanises your brand. It demonstrates to others that what you do is more than just a company logo. You may use social media to promote your product or service while also enhancing the lives of your present clients. It may also inspire others to make similar improvements in their life. This might have a significant influence on your company.
Before we move ahead, let us talk about the value and importance of social media marketing.
Social media has evolved into a new playground for people of all ages. It's a marketer's dream come true: it provides unrestricted access to such a large pool of potential customers for any product. I believe that the vast majority of marketers are currently utilising social media in their work.
Small businesses should engage with customers on social media as part of their marketing plan. Using social media to boost brand awareness, expand your consumer base, and communicate with current customers can all help you grow your business. Social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more such applications based on your objectives may help you grow your presence online.
In fact, according to one research, 90 percent of marketers believe social media is critical to their business. Eighty-two percent of those who took part in the study worked for companies with less than 100 employees. There are multiple tools for social media marketing that you can find online.
You may be thinking - Yes, this is alright. But how can we utilise the power of social media marketing? Well, we will be discussing everything in detail in this blog.

Step 01 - Analyze Your Competitors and Local Audience Demographics
It is crucial to know what your competitors are up to in order to stay on trend and not lose sight of what is really going on. In addition, you must regularly investigate and analyse your customers' interests and preferences in order to keep them and attract more.
Surveying your current customers to see which social media sites they like is a terrific approach to learn about your target audience's preferences and appeal to new potential customers. You can also conduct a poll of well-known social media businesses, examine their demographics, and compare them to your own. Customers' demographics have been published online by companies like Social Sprout. Marketing online is not just about posting your products and services, but also about knowing what your competitors are upto and providing content that is both interactive and appealing to your users. Any good social media marketing agency will attest to this fact.
It doesn't matter what business you're in, marketing is a game of vying for your audience's attention. Because there are so many marketing outlets available nowadays, competition can be severe.
There are numerous competition analysis tools available to assist you in quickly and efficiently determining how you compare to your top competitors.
With the correct tools at your disposal, you can spend less time digging out dirt on your competitors and more time selling. There are online tools available that may help you learn more about the social media marketing strategies and analytics of your competitors.

1. Ubersuggest - Ubersuggest is a free online tool that can assist you in developing new keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy. Whether you're writing blog entries or analysing your competitor's success, UberSuggest offers the tools to assist you succeed. This site shows each page's Facebook and Pinterest activity, giving you a clear sense of how your competitors are doing on these platforms, as well as the most popular types of content.
2. Owletter - Owletter's analytics detect changes in your competitors' email frequency, as well as patterns that can help you optimise your own email campaigns. The primary goal of this website is to assist you in organising emails from your competitors.

3. Buzzsumo - BuzzSumo is a cloud-based software that helps you find the finest engagement, content, and outreach opportunities on social media and search. It is quite simple to use. Simply input your competitor's domain or an industry keyword and press the search button.
4. SEMRush - Although SEMRush is one of the most widely used SEO tools, its competitor analysis features set it apart. Did you know that you can use SEMRush to get your competitors' backlinks and watch their ranking changes?

5. Mention - Mention is an exceptionally powerful social listening tool. You may respond to social media comments and mentions from within the platform, and you can utilise Mention to locate relevant influencers for influencer marketing campaigns and assess your competition.

There are many such tools for social media marketing that are available online that you can use.

Step 02 - Create Content With Your Product And Offer Discounts
Please tell us why you follow brands on social media. Because the substance is compelling, attractive, dynamic, and you can take advantage of intriguing schemes and services.
On your social network pages, you can post reels, polls, Q&A stories, and other such content. Customers expect you to provide them with something to do. You can plan content and giveaways. Social media marketing strategies involve engagement and involvement.
For example, your company specialised in fabrics and various types of materials. As Raksha Bandhan approaches, you can begin selling gift bags. You may make videos for them. Use hashtags such as #rakhi, #rakhigifts, #hampersforsisters, and others.
Along with that, you can come with different schemes and discounts to keep your customers engaged and happy with your business. A happy customer has the potential to turn into a loyal one. 
You can curate content that suits the social media platform you use. Online marketing on social media is about knowing what platform to use for your objectives in a way that gives you perfect returns on your investment.
  • For Twitter, you can challenge your followers to create a story that revolves around your brand or your product. “That happened” stories are popular on Twitter along with short, interesting, and funny content.
  • For Instagram, you can create short videos known as reels and engage using stories. The social media platform, if properly used, has the potential to bring in millions of followers.
  • Facebook is generally used by people above 30s, so you can create content that matches the audience demographics.
  • Pinterest values quality over quantity. You can create an aesthetic for your business and attract more traffic.
Step 03 - Target Local Audience and Run Social Media Ads Free And Paid
Your customers want to be up to speed on the current news about your company. That's why they like and follow you on social media sites. Target your audience and give them what they are looking for. 
The definition of audience targeting is straightforward: It is the process of segmenting consumers based on demographics or hobbies in order to find the right person on the right gadget at the right time. With audience targeting, you have a better chance of reaching people who are interested in your products or services. Most of the examples of social media marketing involve audience targeting.
Of course, you are targeting a specific audience based on the social media platform you use, i.e., GenZ and adolescents on Instagram, 30+ and elderly on Facebook, and so on. 
But have you thought of targeting a local audience?
Yes, the local audience. Why?
Social media marketing is one of the most crucial marketing techniques for every company, regardless of size. Large corporations that operate in hundreds of places at the same time must develop more generic content. Local firms and start-ups that operate in one or two cities, on the other hand, should concentrate on targeted content.
A target audience profile is essentially a subset of customers who are more likely to respond positively to your promotions, products, and services. Why target a local audience? The channels, language, and content you use to interact with your audience may not work as well with one demographic as they do with another. And the local audience will be able to come to your shop physically. There are many chances to turn them into loyal customers. 
Since 2019, the amount of money spent on paid social media ads has been steadily increasing, and now, it is clear that social media ads are becoming a staple in marketing strategies across small and large businesses.
Finally, paid social media, like organic social media, aids in audience targeting and sales generation. What is the benefit of paying for this type of value? Speed to market, campaign sustainability, and good old-fashioned message frequency are all important considerations.
If you don’t believe in paid ads, there are various tools for social media marketing available that can maximize your traffic and reach. Not only can employing a social media management tool make your life easier, but it won't require rounds of budgetary approval because there are numerous robust free programmes available to assist you to achieve all of your social marketing goals in 2021.
Connecting with your potential customer on their favourite social media channel is one of the most effective ways to create leads and foster a genuine connection with your audience.
The Case Study - Boss App
What is Boss App? - BossApp is an Android and iOS software that serves as a recruitment platform for both employees and employers in India.
Webmantra was the social media marketing agency for the application. The main purpose was to increase downloads through social media marketing.
What was the challenge? - This company has a website, an Android and iOS app, and social media accounts, but none of its business pages or accounts on any social media platform were optimised. The company was a start-up. The objective of being on social media platforms was to increase application downloads and reach more people online, making them aware of the application and the company.
What did Webmantra do? - Webmantra experts optimised their social media accounts and pages, as well as suggested that they optimise their Android and IOS applications. Once that was completed, we began running ads with a refined audience and used a funnel set up, which helped BossApp get high engagement on social media accounts and increased Android and IOS application downloads. 
As your social media marketing agency, Webmantra aligns with your views of the company and your objectives and goals. We understand you and your business before forming a strategy to meet the objectives. Once the objectives are decided, the right tools on the right platforms are used by our experts to meet the business goals. 
If you are looking for a social media marketing agency, you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us right away!