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Web Application for EV Charging

Universal EVL - Web-based EV Charging Application

Universal EVL - Web-based EV Charging Application

The project

Universal EV Charging, a Web-Based Application, is a project where users can charge their EV vehicles using the Web based EV Charging application. This project works on APIs from IoT based EV Charging machine and Custom Web Design & Developed Application in Node JS & Mongo DB. 
This application gives ease to the EV Vehicle user to pay and charge their vehicle using their mobile phone. User can Scan the QR placed on EV Charging Unit which will help to identify the location of EV charger and charging status of the EV Charger. If status is available for EV charging then it takes user to go for payment gateway where it authorise their card for the charging. Once payment authorisation is complete it takes user to the charging screen where he need confirm the Charing gun connected well and press the start button. Once started user will get the email for the charging started and also instruction for how to stop the charing. User can stop the charging using the web-based EV charging application or hard charge stop by plugging off the Charging gun.
At the end of charging user get the invoice for the total time and unit charged by email. Admin gets all the reports for charging happening at different EV charging stations, which chargers are active or inactive, busy or available, how many users have charged for how long and charges.

The Challenge

  • EV Charging App Development was the new to us 
  • Working on APIs of IoT device was something first time for us

The Solution

  • Custom Web Design and Development is something which we are expert at and have developed many complex application in our 2 decades long presence.
  • We studied OCPP Document thoroughly and fundamental working of it.
  • We studied the APIs shared to us from the central platform connecting with the IoT Device.
  • We created complete step wise detailed flow of working of Charging device, API platform, Web Server and Device, keeping in mind the digital strategies of the Company.
  • Create wireframe step to step and confirm with the client.
  • We tested APIs for getting the data and sending the data well for which series of meetings and testing were done.
  • Then came real time UI / UX design working which went smoothly with our expert hands with client.
  • We selected the Payment gateway precisely so that authorisation of card and refunds can happen faster.
  • We integrated the front end, incoming api and web server perfectly and did testing with the dummy data.
  • Beta was launched with complete integration along with payment gateway.
  • Series of Real time charging cycle were done with real time Electrical Vehicles with various user cases 
  • Our digital agency added a few new modules in phase 2 like promo code for new area start up
  • Backed admin with multiple roles and sub admin has been created to support
  • easy management for the devices and users access to devices.
  • Hosting platform has been identified carefully to give best experience of surfing when multiple stations are being used by multiple users 24 x 7.


    • Responsive Customise User Friendly UI as this application has to be used specially for mobile users.
    • Intuitive Flow for users to complete the step easily and faster
    • Custom programmed to achieve perfect requirement specification with the full scope for the web-based application evolvement as we did 3 phases post the first successful implementation.
    • Customise Backend for multiple users for the managing various sections like stations, pricing, orders, etc.
    • Report Management for various stockholders of the system
    • Payment Gateway setup with athorise.net for the on the go minimum value authorisation and deduction post charging and refunds.
    • Responsive HTML Development
    • NODE JS / HTML
    • MogoDB
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • CLOUD VPS Hosting

Services Provided

    • Digital Strategy Development
    • Technical Strategy, Responsive Website Development
    • Payment gateway setup, Third Party, Cloud Hosting
    • SSL Integration, Google Analytics Setup

Design & Technology

  • Complete website flow has been bespoke designed with responsive UX and intuitive flow for the varied kind of users.
  • Custom Backend has been created for various users in mind with least of the technical
  • knowledge required for managing electric vehicle charging application

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