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Tvisva Jewels


The project

Introducing Tvisva Jewels, the online destination for exquisite jewelry under the renowned Tvisva Brand. Explore a captivating array of rings, pendants, and earrings, meticulously crafted from luxurious gold, white gold, and dazzling diamonds. We offer an extensive range of customization, allowing you to select your preferred metal type. Whether you desire ready-made elegance or crave a personalized touch, Tvisva Jewels caters to all. Embrace the brilliance of fine jewelry, where your unique style meets exceptional craftsmanship. Elevate your adornments with Tvisva Jewels – where choice and quality unite for a truly remarkable jewelry shopping experience.

The Challenge

  • Developing an upscale e-commerce platform for premium jewelry that can rival major industry players such as Tanishq, BlueStone, and CaratLane.
  • Gaining comprehensive knowledge of diverse jewelry products encompassing various metals, diamonds, gemstones, and more.
  • Accurate pricing calculations for products featuring a combination of metals, gemstones, and diamonds, ensuring precise cost evaluation.
  • UI & UX which has to be at par or better thent he competition
  • SEO Friendly website.
  • Images to be presented well so as the user can easy access fast with good clarity to make the buying decision fast. 
  • Further phases of Schemes, Solitaire and create your jewelry has to follow the phase 1.

The Solution

  • A comprehensive documentation was meticulously assembled following a series of meetings, delving deep into the intricacies of the jewelry industry and its competitive landscape.
  • We carefully examined a wide range of jewelry products as case studies, dissecting the intricate price determinants based on factors like clarity, purity, and weight.
  • An intricate pricing algorithm was meticulously developed, honed through extensive research and testing to ensure precise and up-to-date pricing for our products.
  • Our system continuously tracks real-time market fluctuations in metal, gemstone, and diamond prices, ensuring that we consistently provide the most accurate and competitive pricing on a daily basis.
  • Creative efforts were meticulously employed to establish the company's brand identity, taking into account buyer behavior. A user-friendly and captivating UI & UX were crafted to ensure prolonged user engagement on the website.
  • A thorough comprehension of the savings scheme has been documented, facilitating a swift transition into active project work after the initial phase.
  • On-page SEO considerations were prioritized from the outset, ensuring that URLs, titles, and content were thoughtfully structured for enhanced visibility on Google, resulting in faster page indexing.


    • The website boasts an intuitive and user-friendly navigation flow.
    • Users can seamlessly search for products and apply filters based on factors such as metal type, price range, and collection.
    • Explore a diverse array of product categories and collection types, giving customers a wide range of choices.
    • Stay updated with real-time daily pricing for products featuring multiple elements, including metals, gemstones, and diamonds.
    • Customers have the flexibility to place orders for ready-made items or request customized pieces.
    • Secure online payment gateways ensure a smooth purchasing process.
    • Access APIs providing real-time pricing data for various jewelry elements, delivering accurate and up-to-the-minute information.

Services Provided

    • Custom Website development
    • AWS Cloud VPS 
    • Payment Gateway
    • On Page SEO

Design & Technology

Custom designing & Custom Development using .net core and MS SQL

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