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Development of dynamic corporate website and Augmented reality App

Development of dynamic corporate website and Augmented reality App

The project

Project involved development of dynamic corporate website design as well as Augmented reality App.

The Challenge

The first challenge was to develop an augmented reality app that could stand up to comparable apps anywhere. The job was doubly difficult because it was Webmantra’s maiden effort in developing an AR application. Since the newspaper ad had a nation-wide coverage, app needed to have a high-quality design and implementation.

The Solution

We can state with some pride that with our very first Augmented Reality app, we were able to establish ourselves as an augmented reality app development company of note. The high quality of design was made possible in the way we carried out a domain and market research and reviewed several similar apps related to the target industry. We developed the IOS app first and upon that meeting our design specs completely, we went on to develop and launch the Android app soon after.


    • Render an augmented reality image of the real estate project using a smartphone app. Carry an embedded code in a picture, which is printed in newspapers across the country, which could be captured by the smartphone camera and activated by the app.
    • App is developed for Android as well as IOS platform and was made available in IOS app store and the Google play store. Once the smartphone focuses on the printed picture the app activates the augmented reality image on the smartphone screen.
    • A stunning and unique promotion of real estate project indeed. The user could also go on to see all relevant project specs and plans on the smartphone screen

Services Provided

    • Custom Development in ASP.net
    • Content Strategy for Website
    • On Page SEO
    • Google Analytics setup
    • Mobile APP Development for Augment Reality
    • Native App Development in Andriod and iOS

Design & Technology

Front end is developed with custom app UI / UX Design and backend developed with ASP.net/ MS SQL. UNITY 3D for Augmented Reality

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