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Navpad Pigments

Product-based corporate website for chemical & pigments

Product-based corporate website for chemical & pigments

The project

It is a product-based corporate website for chemical products, specifically pigments. The website design is responsive, easy to navigate, to be compatible with different devices, including most smartphone screen sizes.

The Challenge

Though it is a simple product website, but its structure and web design posed a challenge in that all related information needed to be maintained in the product database, which could then be easily presented to the user. Making data and information management easy for the website admin was also a challenge because of the vast amount of details available for each product.

The Solution

A custom website design was adopted which addressed all client requirements. The product-based website required dynamic web pages, and to effectively develop those ASP.net server-side platform was adopted. To handle detailed data and to enable good Windows compatibility, MSSQL solution was implemented. The result is a simple yet efficient product website that is simple to navigate and easy to administer.


    • Website provides relevant company information under different heads. Being primarily a product website, it provides all details and specs of the products for industry users, along with application details and related technical information.
    • Website admin is able to manage product categories and related application areas, and also able to enter new products or make alterations to the current data.

Services Provided

    • Customised UI & UX
    • Custom Development in ASP.net
    • Premium Windows Hosting 
    • Google Analytics setup

Design & Technology

Custom design and developed in ASP.net / MS SQL. Hosting on premium windows shared server.

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