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Mobile App for On Site Engineers

RF Electronics - Site Installation Application

RF Electronics - Site Installation Application

The project

The Mobile Application has been conceptualized for the RF Installation Engineers to capture each stage of installation along with reports. This application will enable optimization of the installation process.
Application is a detailed guide for a team of engineers from the point of arrival in the city. They will get the location map to reach the installation site. 
As a team, they all can see the number of RF Installations to be done and work in sync for taking each installation getting in smaller teams. They can confirm the tools and pieces of equipment required for the installation with the received tools and equipment and put their notes in case of discrepancies. 
Teams can be split for multiple installations or each team can take a single installation and proceed with each task by task. Any engineer starting any task will be only able to finish the task. Once the task has started, the time will be calculated till it has been stopped by the initiator.  Such tasks can go beyond a day or two and will be noted precisely. Each instance of start and finish will be tagged with geo-location. 
All the tasks can be captured by multiple images and audio and textual feedback by application. With each installation, engineers can run the quality test in line with the remote base and can add the photos during the trial.
Each project task and test can be documented with feedback for review at a later time for the admin to understand and rectify any delays and so optimize the installation time.
The best part of this application is RF Chambers / Boxes being isolated, which means the application can capture the data and upload it offline in case of no internet. Once the network is achieved all the data gets posted to the server.

The Challenge

  • It’s a brand new concept for the industry and RF Engineers have never used such a mobile application for their precise installation with their feedback.
  • This application will be used by multiple engineers for different tasks for multiple installations.
  • Each installation task can take an hour or multiple days, so the calculation of time is essential along with the geo-locations for the same.
  • Many times internet will not be available to upload the captured photos and audio files.
  • This will be an added task to their busy installation schedule so application flow and working on it should not add stress to their routine work.

The Solution

  • Webmantra did a proper understanding the process of installation that how the complete installation happens, who are the users of the application, how they will be using the application, and under what scenario.
  • Optimum technology has been identified so the platform can evolve in the coming time with easy availability of resources at optimum cost.
  • As a part of the digital strategy, Mobile Application development has been done in the first phase and it will be non published, privately circulated app.
  • Though it is a cross-platform mobile application development  compatible with iOS & Android devices, most of the time it will be used over Android Devices. 
  • UI has been created with utmost care to provide the most user friendliness to engineers for quick working and updating each task over the application with the utmost ease i.e. taking photos, audio upload, and text.
  • Looking at multiple users using tasks for the same project, the mobile application has a restriction that once the task is started by a particular user then it will only be able to finish the tasks.
  • Time counter along with geolocation is logged with the start of the task and the end of the tasks. Each day has a particular timeline of working for each day so when the task runs into multiple days then time gets calculated by taking cumulative hours of the days.
  • Engineer's geolocation is tagged to understand any misuse of the application while installation.
  • Mobile App can work in offline mode also where no internet is there and get synced with the server as soon as it gets connected.
  • Application has been beta tested for the pilot project for practical usage issues and use cases have been identified and tested well.
  • Backed admin has been created for the multiple users and report generation for better understanding. 
  • Hosting platform has been identified carefully to give the best experience of surfing and it's on AWS cloud VPS.


    • Responsive User-Friendly UI
    • Intuitive Flow for users to complete the step easier and faster
    • Engineer who starts the task can only complete it
    • Engineers can upload the response of each task by photo, audio file, and text.
    • Application works on online and offline internet mode
    • Customized Backend for multiple users and sub-admins for managing their sections
    • Report Management for admin
    • SMS Gateway setup for updates at each stage of the flow.

    • React Native
    • MY SQL
    • SMS Integration
    • Cloud VPS Hosting

Services Provided

    • Digital Strategy Development
    • Technical Strategy
    • Cloud Hosting
    • SSL Integration
    • Google Analytics Setup

Design & Technology

  • Complete Mobile App flow has been bespoke and designed with the best of the lightweight UX and intuitive flow for the Engineers. 
  • Custom Backend has been created for easy management for admin and reports generation.

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