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Microsite & Landing Pages

Raise your brand awareness with a stand-alone page

What is Microsite & Landing Pages?

A microsite or a website landing page could be any site or page that you want your visitors to land on from your main website or your various marketing initiatives like digital invites, e-mailers, etc.
A micro-website is one or more pages and is unique from your navigation bar and other website pages. It is a site that focuses on converting leads into pure sales and helping your business make a real-time profit.
A landing page is a post-click single page and it is published on its branded parent website.
Microsite and landing pages play a vital role in your advertising and marketing efforts. With an optimum landing page design, you can maximize the impact of the stand-alone pages or microsites. Your online business can boost lead quality, increase sales, and drive your revenue upward with custom micro websites.
Webmantra is a well-known web agency in India. We work with both large corporations and small businesses to help them increase their value by implementing cutting-edge technology. Our specialists spread across Europe, Canada, US, and other such nations, offer a broad spectrum of digital services to our clients.
Why choose us?
Nothing can get you new leads like a professional landing page. Without it, your clickable ads would not produce expected results. Our team's skills and efforts come together to set up excellent landing page development with all the elements you need to succeed:
  • Catchy and engaging content with relevant and excellent headlines having a clear meaning
  • High-quality and relevant images and videos to give detailed information to your target audience
  • Irresistible call to action

How we can help?

Landing Page Development Services

Visitors don't hang around for long? We'll keep them engaged!
Visitors come to your website for a reason, and we make sure that the landing page web design is visually engaging, intelligently designed, and easy to navigate. Landing pages and microsites developments by our experts mainly focus on key points that set you apart from your competitors. Key elements of our designed landing pages include:

  • Company overview
  • Inform users what they are getting on the page
  • Creative titles of the page
  • Contact form at the top
  • Strategically placed call to action buttons
  • Privacy policy to be accessible 
  • Customer testimonials

Raise your brand awareness with a stand-alone page

Design a winning landing page to help you conquer the market

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