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How to get traffic on your website?

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October 01, 2019
How to get traffic on your website?
No two kids behave the same, not even if they are twins, no two client requirements are the same for the same service(s) provided; same is the case with Content Marketing. Content Marketing has no magic formula; it’s a tailored strategic approach aligned with the business goals in mind.
Undoubtedly Content Marketing is the most promising way to lure the web traffic your website. Marketing and reaching out to people in cyber space through advertising is retro style and does not work. Marketing through social media with right Content marketing plan is what gives the result. It’s no more about features, benefits and USP’s; the world has moved beyond it. Now is the era of weaving the features, benefits and USP into story, conversation and other nuances of Content. Each of the factors cater just one point – How to get traffic on your website?
Content builds relationships,
Relationships are built on Trust,
 Trust drive revenue
~ Andrew Davis
Here are 3 amazing points which helped our client’s build great relationships and trust with their customers:
Warming Up:
Once the business goals are set, we get the background work done. This step formulates the base on which the Content Strategy will be designed.
  • Research the Competition
  • Keyword research for your content
  • Hold competitions, share giveaways …
  • Your customer database: Up(graded) and Running (ready)
  • Due Diligence – suitable media (audio/video/text/image) for your target audience

Weaving your content:
Warmed up and ready to knit stories, conversations and more with your target audience and get the traffic to your website:
  • Draft Irresistible Headlines
  • Pay Attention to On-Page SEO
  • Target Long-Tail Keywords
  • Link Internally (to own content)
  • Implement Scheme Micro-data
  • Make Yourself Heard in Comment Sections
  • Submit Your Content to Aggregator Sites
  • Fresh and optimized content – always!
  • Create content for Slideshare specifically
  • Give Podcast Interviews, Host Webinars & Attend Conferences
  • Incorporate Video into Your Content Strategy

The Content Strategy:

“Content is fire, Social Media is gasoline” says Jay Baer, with Content Strategy we need to know where and how to put the gasoline to fire up customers imagination and get them hooked onto content. Content Strategy is the one stop solution for the ever green query of businesses – How to get traffic on your website?
Following pointers helped many strategize their content:
  • Start Guest Blogging
  • Interview Industry Thought Leaders
  • Go After Referral Traffic
  • Foster a Sense of Community
  • No time to read this post? Download the PDF here!
  • Launch New Product
  • Create and Sell Courses
  • Target Hacker-News /Reddit/relevant forums with content