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Advantages Of Node.js Every Startup Must Know

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July 20, 2022
Advantages Of Node.js Every Startup Must Know

What Is Node.js?

Node.js is a popular open-source server-side JavaScript environment that allows developers to create both servers and clients in JavaScript. Node.js is used primarily by front-end developers, with Node packages also being used on the back end. This cross-platform approach has brought Node to the forefront of the JavaScript development scene, allowing it to quickly grow from a very simple idea into a fully-fledged framework.
Because Node.js runs on many platforms, including Mac OS X and Windows, it is possible to use Node without actually installing any software on your computer. This means that you can test out the framework without actually having to write code!

Why Is Node.js So Popular?

Node.js has become the go-to tool for building modern web apps in recent years for various digital startups , thanks to its speed, scalability, and lower cost both in terms of infrastructure and human resources. Node.js is considered today’s most popular server-side technology for building applications on the web with a reach of over 7 million downloads per month and tens of thousands more installations daily.
Node.js uses an event driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight, efficient and perfect for use in real-time applications, where data must be delivered as quickly as possible. As a result, Node.js is ideal for building scalable network applications by using many CPU cores simultaneously or connecting to loads of back-end services and APIs.

Node.js Is Best Suitable For -

  • Real Time Web Applications
  • Chat Applications
  • Streaming Softwares
  • Messaging Programs
  • Multiplayer Games
  • Social Media Apps
  • Virtual Emulators
  • Collaboration Tools

Why Is Node.js Great For Startups?

Node.js is a great platform for startups because it enables them to build highly scalable systems without requiring any special expertise or knowledge on server-side programming like Java or .Net.

1. Reduced Cost

A start-up can save time and money by using Node.js, which enables developers to utilize the same programming language for both the frontend and the backend. It actually helps  save a significant amount of money due to the increased quality in scarce resources and the shorter time spent learning the language.
When employing Node.js, entrepreneurs are frequently spared the expense of hiring software developers with a range of skill sets. It is sufficient to hire a web development company that knows Node.js inside and out. 

2. Faster Launch

Time is a valuable resource for new businesses. Particularly useful for reducing time-to-market cycles is Node.js. First off, the technology is lightweight and can significantly shorten the time needed to construct an application while yet offering the same features. While creating a process takes time, launching it can sometimes take longer. It is frustrating for developers to continually iterate and test in between. It's interesting to note that Node.js allows developers to drastically reduce the time to market.

3. Low Complexity

Switching between the back-end and front-end can be difficult, especially when these tasks are handled by separate engineers. The frontend engineer would review the backend developer's development design and provide feedback. The front-end engineer would request a patch if there was a problem with the code, which is a difficult process. Due to its support for both frontend and backend development processes, Node.js eliminates these problems.

4. Easy To Learn And Use

There is always a chance that developers working for new businesses lack training or experience in the field. An open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for JavaScript is called Node.js. You need have a decent foundation in JavaScript and object-oriented programming to begin learning Node.js. Comparatively, this platform is considerably simpler to learn how to use. It also has an easy learning curve, allowing you to develop while you learn.

5. Scalability

Although utilizing Node.js has many advantages, its scaling advantages are one of the main reasons why developers and enterprises, especially start-ups are embracing it. Digital startups typically search for scalability when selecting a development platform, and Node.js provides that. When discussing software stacks, this convenient feature is really useful. Because Node.js scales well, developers nearly always decide to construct their software stacks only on the server-side of the computing process.

6. Efficient Performance

Every time, user expectations increase, and it is up to developers to have the abilities necessary to meet those demands. Because Node.js offers unbroken service and a robust network that can support extension and facilitate integration, you can add more features to an app without risk. Not only can Node.js streamline the development process, but the platform's code is also reusable for quicker execution.

7. Community

A thriving community offers lots of suggestions and encouragement. The Node.js community can help you avoid having to create something from scratch. To speed up development, they have created a number of useful tools and equipment.
Node.js is well known for the large and active developer community on its platform, which attracts startups. Sometimes, getting a decent service isn't more crucial than having access to a network of peers you can always turn to for support when you need it.
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