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SEM - Pay Per Click

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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

“Search Engine Marketing, also known as SEM, is the practice of marketing a business using paid ads, that appear on search engine page results.”
Advertisers bid on keywords that users of Google and other search engines might enter when looking for specific information, products, or services. This gives the advertisers the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside the search results. These ads are often known by the name Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, which come in a variety of formats. Some are text-based, whereas others are product listing ads, video ads, and product-based ads that allow viewers to see important information such as prices and reviews at a glance.
Search engine marketing’s strongest aspect is that it gives advertisers an opportunity to put their ads in front of motivated customers who are ready to make a purchase. No other advertising medium can offer this. This is why online paid media has proven to be so effective, drawing an amazingly powerful way for your business growth. 
However, it is easier said than done, as Google paid ads have a little complex roadmap to work for you and give the expected results. This is where Webmantra’s team of experts can help in achieving your business objective. 
Webmantra is a Search Engine Marketing agency that empowers your paid search marketing with relevant and well-focused campaigns to make sure that your website gains high visibility and gets instant traffic to produce high conversion rates.

Webmantra’s PPC Success Recipe

Accelerate lead generation with our Pay Per Click (PPC) service

If you are new to the world of paid search, it can get overwhelming. PPC marketing is complex. It's easy to blow through your marketing budget and have no gains in return if you don’t know what you are exactly doing. There are several advertising formats with text ads, video ads, shopping ads, and many more. Let’s understand each one in detail and how Webmantra’s PPC service aids in providing the same.

Google Paid Ads

We empower your Google paid media marketing with relevant and well-focused ad campaigns to ensure that your website gains high visibility and instant traffic. 

Google Display Advertising:
  • Boost your exposure.
  • Create brand awareness.
  • Reach your target audience with smartly targeted and cost-effective display ad campaigns to increase sales potential and improve the overall return on investment.

Video Ads

Video content has taken over the web. A video ad campaign has become an effective way to attract new customers. While the audience is large, the competition is less, as many marketers have yet been slow in adopting the strategy of online video ad campaigns. This presents an excellent opportunity for marketers to invest in video content and produce better results.

In-App Promotion

Webmantra offers in-app promotion as one of its services. When using an application on your mobile device, you often see ads of other products and services within the app you're using. We design special in-app promotions for our clients to target potential customers.

The world of marketing is changing rapidly, and if you fail to take good care of your users' needs, they are just a click away from turning to your competition. We at Webmantra, help you stand out and be a part of the community you target. All this is difficult to achieve without a robust marketing strategy.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are similar to the display ads as they are both based on the keyword a user is searching at the moment. The main difference is that search ad is only text, whereas a shopping ad comes with an image, text, ratings and the price of a product within the advertisement. Moreover, on the search engine pages, shopping ads are separated from the text ads to help them further stand-out.

Shopping ads allow you to market your products on Google and other search engines by giving the users detailed information and pictures of your products. This helps the users to get detailed information about your offerings within no time!

YouTube Ads

YouTube advertising means placing ads on YouTube, the online video sharing platform. Google owns YouTube, hence YouTube advertising is only possible through Google ads. 
YouTube has over two billion monthly user-base, with approx. 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute to their platform. On average, every visitor spends approx. 15 minutes on YouTube every day. Advertising on YouTube, therefore, opens up many opportunities for businesses to expand their reach with this enormous user base online marketing strategy

Webmantra expertise in combining your video marketing and using YouTube ads in your content distribution strategy. Benefits of our

YouTube ads strategy include:
  • Ad campaign optimization
  • Increased reach and visibility
  • Varied targeting opportunities
  • A profitable marketing and sales channel

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