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SEM - Pay Per Click

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In an increasingly competitive industry, Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective strategies to expand your business. It has never been more crucial to advertise online, and search engine marketing is the most effective approach to promote your products and build your brand, with millions of businesses vying for the same eyeballs.
In simpler words, Search Engine Marketing, or SEM,  is the process of marketing a business through paid advertisements that display on search engine results pages. Webmantra is a search engine marketing company providing all the services you require. Let us learn more!

What Is Search Engine Marketing(SEM)? 
Advertisers bid on keywords that people might type into Google or other search engines when looking for certain information, products, or services. Advertisers will be able to see their advertising alongside the search results as a result of this. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, which appears in a number of formats, is a common name for these adverts. Some are text-based, while others are product listing advertisements, video commercials, and product-based ads that allow viewers to quickly see key information like prices and reviews. 
You can get in touch with any Google Ads specialist for the same.
Why Do You Need SEM Services?
The most powerful component of search engine marketing is that it allows advertisers to place their advertising in front of motivated buyers who are ready to buy. This is something that no other advertising media can provide. This is why online paid media has proven to be so beneficial in growing your business. There are numerous effective online tactics for reaching your target market, and PPC marketing  is one of them. Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive visitors to your company's website.
Webmantra is a search engine marketing agency that boosts your sponsored Ads with relevant and well-targeted campaigns to ensure that your website receives a lot of traffic.

Why Choose Webmantra?
The world of marketing is continuously evolving, and if you don't meet your consumers' needs, they're only a click away from switching to your competitors. Webmantra can assist you in standing out and becoming a part of the community you are targeting. Without a solid marketing strategy, all of this is tough to achieve. With webmantra as your search engine marketing agency, you get -
  • A dedicated team of PPC professionals
  • Innovative Marketing Campaigns
  • Increase in Sales
  • Generate scalable ad ROI
  • A number of successful campaigns

PPC Services Offered By Webmantra

Display Ads

Display ads are the most common form of online advertising for brand awareness that you can see on a website. It can appear as images, GIFs, animations, buttons, or other graphics. The point of these ads is to get your attention and conversions for your campaign. Display ads tend to be one of the least expensive types of online advertising. Display ads often get higher click-through rates and make more money per impression than any other type of ad.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads provide a wealth of product information, including a picture of the item, the price, and the seller's name. These adverts are often created using data elements from your Merchant Center data feed. Consumers who are looking for the products you're selling are targeted by shopping advertising.

In a nutshell, these are advertisements you see on websites and mobile apps that pay for the placement. These ads are meant to entice you into making a purchase by highlighting discounts and offers. The most common type of these ads is an in-app banner, it can be any kind of offer from free shipping to discounts on items.

In-App Promotion

Any message or advertising approach that is intended to be displayed to your clients while they are within and actively using your app is known as in-app marketing. Businesses can utilise in-app marketing to engage, retain, and upsell customers to new items using real-time, tailored communications. 
One of the services provided by Webmantra is in-app promotion. When you're using a mobile app, you'll frequently see advertisements for other items and services within the app. To target potential buyers, we create personalized in-app promotions for our clients. We are the right search engine marketing agency for you!

YouTube Ads

Youtube advertising refers to promoting video material on Youtube, the online video-sharing network, or in relevant search keywords in Youtube Search. Because YouTube is owned by Google, only Google Ads can be used to advertise on it. Companies can use Youtube advertising in conjunction with display campaigns or leverage its multiple video ad forms.
YouTube has a monthly user base of over two billion people, with around 500 hours of video content added every minute. Every visitor spends about 15 minutes every day on YouTube on average. As a result, advertising on YouTube provides various options for organizations to broaden their reach through this massive user base online marketing technique.

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