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Why is going digital more important than ever before for any business at this time

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December 09, 2020
Why is going digital more important than ever before for any business at this time Darvins theory said Survival of the fittest, post Covid it should read Survival of the Digitally transformed. It is the key to survive specially in the post COVID era. Even the Government which had a laid back time line is today forced to go online for most of its services. Let’s understand this more grass root level, people are still eating, shopping, studying, listening to music and everything else, but now it is from the comfort of their homes. Till date it may be a case of a forward-thinking generation or time but today it’s the need of the hour. So if you feeling that this is a phase which will pass and businesses will go back to the traditional ways, may be you living in a unrealistic reality. It is always seen that transformations often come in crisis and the whole world is going through one and the biggest transformation this time around is the digital transformation. Going Digital is inevitable today. Change is what keeps any company in business. History vouches that companies that didn’t adapt to change went obsolete. Look at Kodak, Xerox and Nokia.

The Shift Today and Tomorrow

So technological shifts that could have taken often years or generations have happened in days or weeks. Even your local Kirana store is now in one way or other digital and online. So whatever technological shifts that have not happened even in decades are happening now, and in industries and spectrums unheard of. Pharma, legal, retail, banking, basic services all are forced to adopt the digital change. The whole way even larger companies used to work has gone through a sea change. The demand for retail spaces research says will change as more and more people will work from home or smaller spaces now.
This shift has given rise to a need for a technological expert that facilitates smooth shift to the online platform that helps the planning, designing, scheduling, communication, project management and success. This is of paramount importance because this shift has to happen in a manner that leads to solutions and not larger problems. Also, this is not a temporary change or solution that we are talking about, it’s the new normal. A few things will forever be changed from here on. And proving the highest quality and standards of digital experience will be the new success mantra. The new age consumer will expect the digital and online services even beyond the crisis and thus will be critical the fact that best digital experience is ensured to ensure success in Business today.

Digital- the new way of life

Social media marketing has taken another place in people’s life during this pandemic. It is not only used to spread information it is widely used as a marketing tool by various companies. Social distancing has created a new wave of being people closure on the media. So the best way to connect with your consumers emotions today is through the social media. It also helps companies to continue to get market information, do the research, analyse the markets based on the loads of data available. It helps touch the EQ of the consumer as well.
Also never before has a consumer been so spoilt with choices, thanks to the Search Engine Optimisation Tools. From local items available round the corner to Global brands, one could find all thanks to the SEOs. As Googles ad says, shopping se pehle Google karo. So by crawling, indexing and ranking the right Web companies can help you do the righ indexing to place you at a relevant place on the Search engine to help reaching the right target audience. Professional help is paramount importance here so as to ensure this Investment remains meaningful and relevant for you. Is this Investment excitable today, NO IN BOLD, or you might as well close doors of business?
Email marketing is another Trend in the Marketplace. It helps reach large number of people at the same time to avoid waste of time and resources. It has infact replaced all the print media which was not only time consuming but also more expensive. So while a company would spend lakhs on a hoarding assuming you would get some mind share of a relevant consumer, here you are in their inbox where they can know about you much more at their convenience. Relevant in all this is that the right message is sent. Content marketing is another FAD in the world of advertising.