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What is SMO Process? A Complete Guide

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January 25, 2023
What is SMO Process? A Complete Guide
Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been the gold standard for online marketing initiatives. While social media optimization and search engine optimization share the same objectives—generating web traffic and raising awareness for a company's website—search engine optimization is the of boosting the quantity and quality of website traffic by making a website or webpage more visible to Google users.
More lately, social media marketing  has taken center stage, sometimes merging with SEO and other times taking its place as the best approach to build a brand, generate leads, improve a company's online presence, and engage an audience. Digital marketing can be done on a variety of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

What is Social Media Optimization Process?

Have you ever wondered what a company's social media strategy is? Well, SMO process is the answer to your question. It stands for Social Media Optimization and it encompasses a company's social media marketing activities. The SMO process is a series of steps that companies usually follow in order to boost their visibility on social networking sites. It includes setting goals, determining target audience and designing the marketing campaign. Webmantra’s SMO Process includes:

1. Industry Understanding

Industry understanding is the process of analyzing the dynamics and trends that drive an industry. The main benefits of industry understanding are a more accurate understanding of how to satisfy customer needs, improved risk management decisions, and greater awareness of opportunities for growth. Industry understanding is an essential prerequisite to success in almost any endeavor, especially social media management. Understanding the industry dynamics you are operating in will help you create more strategic and profitable business initiatives that have a significant impact on your bottom line.

2. SMO Audit

SMO Auditing is a process that an organization can use to examine which tactics it needs to use in its SMO efforts, as well as the level of success it has with those tactics. This includes an examination of the performance of key marketing objectives, such as increased sales, increased traffic, improved conversion rates, and other metrics. By examining what is working and what needs improvements, we decide which tactics to focus on to improve the success of SMO efforts as an SMO Agency . There are many benefits that come with proper SMO Auditing. For starters, it gives a deeper insight into how well your current strategy has been performing.

3. Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is the strategic planning process conducted to identify and understand competitors, their presence, their capabilities, and their strategy. It is imperative for increasing brand awareness, and customer service. In most cases, businesses are self-aware but lack a systematic way of understanding their competitors. However, the evolution of highly visual data analytics solutions has changed significantly as firms get more insight into competitor intelligence much faster than before. Agencies like ours hold competitor analysis as an important step in forming a SMO strategy.

4. Analysis On The Best SMO Channels For The Client

All SMO channels have their pros and cons and are typically used differently by different organizations. The key is to assess your use case, decide the KPIs you want to achieve, find out which channels will yield these KPIs, match this with your resources available and then plan accordingly. It is an SMO process that looks at "what" and "why" information is being posted on social media while SMO looks at "how" to strategically use social media to achieve objectives.

5. Set Up GA, GTA, And GMB

You must accurately track your website's performance and report on it. Inaccurate reporting is frequently caused by incorrect Google account setup. You may rely on the reports to guide your decisions if you make sure that all of your Google accounts are established appropriately.
We handle all aspects of setting up your Google account, including:
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google My Business listing
If the accounts don't already exist, we create them for you and incorporate them into your social media marketing plan. We also set up your Google Analytics goals so you can track the appropriate activity.

6. Create A 3-Month Plan For SMO

A 3-month SMO plan is a time schedule of steps for improvement. It provides a manageable to-do list of tasks and goals that you have to do in order to take your social media presence up a notch. 3-month Social Media Optimization plan is a way to manage your social media activities and produce desired results in 3 month time.  Unlike a year and a half plan, which implies that you have to wait for an entire year and a half to see any progress, 3-month SMO plans are short-term plans where you will only get a chance to see some progress at the end of 3 month time. Because of this, you will be able to see how practical your activities were in a small timeframe.

7. Design Monthly Graphic For SMO

The monthly graphic also includes the campaigns that our specialists have meticulously created for your social media platforms, in addition to a calendar. Our clients receive the social media campaigns for the following month at the end of each month. Our SMO services includes the development these graphics while making sure we keep up with current trends.

8. Work On Paid Advertising

Companies that want to succeed need to know how consumers shop and what they value in order to create the best ads for their audience. A good way for brands to do this is through paid advertising, which can be done through television, radio, print media or online platforms such as social media. Webmantra follows the steps such as:
  • Research On Target Audience
To build a successful SMO strategy for your company, you must choose the appropriate paid advertising channel. How do we go about doing that? By understanding the intended audience.
The best targeting methods may be developed by learning which social media platforms your potential customers use, how much time they spend there, when they're most active, and how they communicate with one another.
  • Create A Campaign Regarding Client’s Objective
The value, efficacy, and creativity of your client's social media marketing campaigns are maximised by adding a straightforward degree of structure to campaign preparation. You can obtain a clearer idea of what the campaign should look like by first outlining all of your client's business objectives to ensure that your efforts are advancing these objectives, and then by stating the precise objectives you intend to accomplish with the campaigns you will conduct.
  • Analyze Paid Ads
How can you determine the contribution that paid advertisements make to the expansion of your company? Are you wasting money on a marketing strategy that doesn't work for you or are the ads you're running generating a sizable positive return on investment? There are crucial social media management indicators that you need to monitor if you want your advertising strategy to be successful. We analyze the paid ads and keep a track of their performance.

9. Evaluate And Analyse Monthly Result

Even the most skilled social media marketers must go through a certain amount of trial and error to develop their tactics. The success of your social media marketing  plan depends on your ability to analyse data and optimise your social media techniques. Additionally, you'll be able to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your efforts by measuring and evaluating the essential components identified in your social marketing plan. Each month's outcomes from the SMO process are analysed, and the following campaign is developed with these results in mind.
We allow the data to direct our work. By following these guidelines, you can quickly create a productive social media strategy that will place you ahead of your competitors.