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Instagram Metrics That Have Been Proven To Measure Success In 2022

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August 01, 2022
Instagram Metrics That Have Been Proven To Measure Success In 2022
Instagram is the most popular social media platform in the world, with over 800 million monthly active users. This popular photo and video sharing app let you turn your everyday moments into professional-quality shots. While other social media have their perks, Instagram has been able to maintain a unique advantage and is considered by many to be the best social media platform.

What Are Instagram Metrics?

Instagram Metrics refers to the various measurements that can be used to assess the value of Instagram posts or profiles. It is an Instagram management tool and these metrics are calculated by the Instagram algorithm and are a combination of popularity and engagement on the app. It’s easy enough to find them too: just head into Settings in the app and click on "View InstaMetrics.”
Many creators have shot into fame through Instagram. But how do they know what works? How do they determine which posts are performing the best? That is where analytics comes into play!

Instagram Analytics Measures, A Sneak-Peak

Instagram offers basic profile analytics that can help brands monitor their performance on the platform. Instagram analytics measures allow you to see detailed statistics on your account's performance. These include your reach, impressions, and engagement rates.
Focusing solely on vanity metrics, like ‘likes’, is not enough to sustain a business on Instagram. Turning your attention to the ones that matter will help you evaluate and improve what you post to the site so that it gets more likes, shares, and comments. This will attract more followers to your page. You'll also be able to tell whether a specific post performed better or worse than other posts in its category or with similar hashtags.

Why Are Instagram Metrics Important For Any Business?

Following is a list of the different kinds of Instagram metrics and how they can help your brand grow and flourish:

1. Follower Growth Rate: From information on follower growth rates and trends over time to understand how your following changes with followers that unfollow you, this feature allows you to closely track your business’ success. Ultimately, being able to manage your own follower growth rate will leave you feeling more in control and satisfied with your Instagram marketing experience.

2. Reach and Impressions: Instagram Reach gives you useful information about the exact number of users your post reached. The higher this number is; the wider the network your brand is expanding to. Impressions give insight into the number of times your content was viewed. This gives useful data on what is clicking for the audience.

3. Hashtags and Tags: Correct and consistent use of Hashtags can be a game-changer for any business. It creates visibility for the brand and maximizes reach; as new users are more likely to stumble upon these posts and become potential customers. Creating a unique hashtag for a business establishes its image and aids in an easier promotion. Hashtags even help with the Instagram algorithm.

4. Visits on Profile: This Instagram metric is an easy and great indicator of the number of users regularly viewing your profile. It reflects their interest in wanting to know more about your brand and services. It measures the amount of interest your profile is garnering on a daily basis.

5. Engagements: Boosting your Engagement Rate (i.e., the amount of people who interacted with your posts vs. the amount who viewed them) is a sure-shot way to attract more customers, increase credibility, and sales. It is important to engage with other Instagram users - following, reposting, and liking their content, etc. to build a positive feedback loop and help build your brand.

6. Saves and Shares Post: The Save Option on Instagram is almost a hidden gem, wherein it holds a lot of power but commonly goes unnoticed. The more Saves a post gets, the more it is pushed onto people’s feeds, and even Instagram Explore in some cases! A post worthy of saving is viewed as one high in quality. Sharing posts provides a reach that multiplies exponentially and quickly and is almost unbeatable. It is akin to word-of-mouth, but digitally (basically, Instagram marketing)

7. Interactivity: Genuine interactivity, that is two-way conversations, between companies and customers can foster a sense of connection that causes them to trust the brand and even make it a staple choice. New stickers launched by Instagram (such as the polling one) make it easy for users to interact, as well as state their preferences. It’s no wonder interactivity has such a strong positive effect, as humans are social beings after all.

8. Instagram Stories Views: Stories is a fairly new, but rapidly growing feature of Instagram. Due to the easy access and impermanence, and the ability to mix photos, videos, and stickers; it has quickly become a people’s favorite. The amount of views a Story garners is a good marker of its quality and reach; and since most viewers are non-followers, a great way to attract a newer crowd.

9. Organic Traffic: Accumulating organic traffic involves utilizing the features of the app to create and share content, establish good communication with customers, build a community and oversee its translation to sales. This process takes genuine effort and time, but it is relatively cost-effective with lasting benefits for your company. Once you know what is working for your brand via the Instagram Algorithm, it becomes easier to continue the cycle to maintain results.
If the Metrics mentioned above are used to one’s advantage, having an Instagram for Business can prove extremely helpful and lucrative. Being creative, consistent, and authentic is all it takes; and we promise you, that the results will be well worth it.
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