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How Redesign Website helps Conversion Optimisation?

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August 24, 2020
How Redesign Website helps Conversion Optimisation?
wo part of the journey is critical, getting the potential customer to our product page and then helping them navigate smoothly till the product checkout page. A huge amount of groundwork goes behind the first journey as well the second part of the journey.
We would love to let you know that, We have done 500+ Redesign of website so far and drive Immense Relevant Conversion to website, This milestone also help us to be recognized as Top Website Design Company on DesignRush.
Below are 5 ways which can help your potential customers sail a smooth boat till the product checkout page ensuring optimized conversion for you.
Groundwork: Know your Customer:
Before creating, redesign website or product page, ensure you know your customer, their behavior and redesign website accordingly. This is the first and most critical step for conversion optimization on the right note.
Exhibit product customers bought:
People might click on your product photos; however, they love to click on the photos displaying somebody like them. People eventually trust content coming from consumers just like them, it helps set the context right. This reduces the cycle of generating need, price objection, sale, and even feedback.
Trim and ease out on filtering:
Browsing through any product page is like hailing a cab – make sure passenger’s ride is smooth. For the product page ensure journey from landing page, product to checkout page is smooth. Creating too many filters also puts off the customer, make them systematic, user-friendly and most importantly intuitive.
Exclusivity Vs Wowness:
Rather than wooing your customer, exhibiting the awesomeness of your products, try the scarcity mantra. Create exclusivity through scarcity by announcing offers, remind customer the one-time-only offers. This has been a proven technique for conversion optimization.
Curate content for Search Engine then customers:
If only your content appeals to the search engine will it reach your customers? Steer clear of the jargons or pompous vocabulary, stick what is simple yet effective. Words matter a lot, convey the same to your team/branding agency for effective product description.