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Shopping Se Pehle, Google pe Search Karen

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December 16, 2020
Shopping Se Pehle, Google pe Search Karen
Fundamentally even in the new Tech Era businesses still work on the same fundamentals only the way has changed. Today instead of your local Ads, leaflets, billboards it’s all replaced by a well-planned, strategic SEO. Marketing divisions inside and outsourced are all fighting the same space to win the consumers attention and to get his mind and wallet share. It is extremely difficult to stand out in such stiff competitions and for a brand to remain relevant.
As the name suggest, SEOs work by you typing in your Keywords and Google and BINGS of the world hopping various websites and pages based on various algorithms, throwing out results. So, a good SEO strategy would mean that your Professional helping your organic SEO development does it in a way that the search throws on the preferred slots. It’s your modern-day window shopping before finally choosing the product to buy, but from the comfort of your home, and viewing various options at a click.
So basically, your Return on your investment in creating a SEO would depend on how smartly it is devised to keep you on the first 2/3 pages which is nothing but your SEO ranking. Your ROI on any digital marketing activity depends the number of customers you can get to visit your web pages and the number of clients with whom you can create a mind share and wallet share. This has become even more relevant for every digital marketing agency, one because the consumer is spoiled for choices, he wants value for money and in the post COVID era it feels safe to do shopping from the comforts of your home.
While it is non debatable that Organic SEO(Search Engine Optimization) helps improve visibility and overall turnover of business, but how do you make the wise choice so that it becomes an investment worth every penny.
Search Engine Optimization is necessary in today’s world. Your Business is missing out if you’re not using it to market your business. If you feel it’s only for the bigger brands, you need to rethink, the small the brand the more you need it to create awareness about it. As SEOs are the single largest source of web traffic. It’s absolutely an investment you need for your business because;
With the new way of Living and buying just imagine if you continue with the age old one window shops, or leaflets or local advertising. Not only is your target audience limited also is limited your access to other channel partners like distributors or agents. It’s a Global village, why do you want to restrict.
One could argue that there are other online marketing platforms like Facebook, web pages, but SEO continues to attract the highest web traffic in today’s time. And think of it isn’t it only logical, if One can get all options and price ranges and choices on one click why would anyone visit just one web page or one Facebook advertisement.
But it’s a dead investment if the SEO isn’t well managed. What do we mean by a well-managed SEO, it means improved ranking, which in turn means that keyword inputs can put you at a relevant place, the First Second or the Third page of the Google search. The attention span and the shelf life of your consumers time is only relevant to these, beyond these the consumer will not even reach. So, if you are a local business a good strategy would place you in the top local searches of that area.
Also, by making a small upfront investment in a well-managed organic SEO, you are not only creating visibility for the product, you break the geographical barriers, time barriers and also other perceptions barriers which influence a search in a physical form.
An Optimum SEO strategy is the process of planning, designing and executing steps designed to improve search engine rankings. The use of appropriate Keywords is the winner.

Using the most appropriate keywords that target customers. For example, if your business sells Womens Shampoos and conditioners targeting keywords like “women’s body care” or “women beauty” isn’t an ideal.
  • Market research and analysis of Googles first page Create meaningful, attractive, interesting and intelligent content to catch the consumers attention.
  • Add a Hook
  • On Page optimization
  • SEO website audit to check issues
  • Creating the right backlinks
  • Doing technical SEO to increase page speed and to ensure not only do the surfers get gold but also the search Bots.
  • Ultimately to optimise it to create Conversions and Sales.
When all is done right it’s important to regularly AUDIT the SEO as per the Google updates. As they can become irrelevant from time to time. The search engine industry changes very quickly and what is working today may not work six months from now. When performed correctly, an audit can strategically improve your website's performance, enhance SEO and increase conversions.

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