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Hello ESO Expert Second Opinion

Platform for patient to find out about treatment options they didn’t knew

Platform for patient to find out about treatment options they didn’t knew

The project

This platform is developed for patient and relative of patient to find out about treatment options they didn’t knew were available. 
Hello ESO platform have a team of expert doctors / specialists from across India and World. Here Patients and relative of patients can easily connect with doctors virtually to confirm line of treatment undergoing or have options through second opinion platform. This platform has got an easy process where patient or relative of the patient share information about their current ailments, treatment undergoing and upload their all reports and they will receive the response from from our team of expert doctors without any travel of patient or relatives within promised time line of 24 hors.

The Challenge

  • It’s a brand new concept and need to create the platform so much user friendly that it has to be easy to use for users of the platform i.e. users from rural and urban parts of india to doctors and experts from india and abroad.  
  • Platform should have facility for quick uploading of the data by users of various sizes. 
  • Platform should be robust to have many concurrent users uploading their case on the site.

The Solution

  • Webmantra did proper understanding of the concept and created the digital strategy for them
  • Optimum technology has been identified so platform can evolve in the coming time with easy availability of resources at optimum cost.
  • As a part of strategy, responsive development has been done in the first phase and once the platform is stable then MOBILE App will be taken for development 
  • UI has been created with utmost care to provide the most user friendliness to all the stack holders of the platform I.e. Patients, Expert doctors and Administrative roles from different geographies.
  • Platform flow has been reviewed multiple times to so that patients can Register and submit their case in optimum time.
  • Post soft launch many small but critical inputs were identified and have been implemented to give better results experience and support to users. 
  • Platform has been set up for Indian as well as the global patients and expert doctors. 
  • Backed admin with multiple roles and sub admin has been created to support easy management and resolution of 100s of cases.
  • Hosting platform has been identified carefully to give best experience of surfing and uploading the data by all the users of the website.


    • Responsive User Friendly UI
    • Intuitive Flow for users to complete the step easily and faster
    • Customise Backend for multiple users and sub admins for the managing their sections
    • Report Management for various stockholders of the system
    • Payment Gateway setup for Indian and International cards using Razorpay and Paypal
    • SMS Gateway setup for updates at each stage of the flow.

Services Provided

    • Digital Strategy Development 
    • Multiple Payment gateway setup
    • SEO Strategy development 
    • CLOUD VPS Hosting
    • SSL Integration 
    • Google Analytics Setup

Design & Technology

Complete website flow has been bespoke designed with responsive UX and intuitive flow for the varied kind of users. Custom Backend has been created for various users in mind with least of the technical knowledge required for managing it.

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