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Native iOS & Android Apps

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Native iOS & Android Apps

What are Native Apps?

“A native application is a software program that is developed in a specific programming language for a particular platform or device to fully comply with the requirements and guidelines of its operating system.”
Since a native app is built for use on a particular device and its OS, the programming of an application is written in a language that is accepted by the platform they are being built for. With this, it gains the ability to use device-specific hardware and software, provide optimized performance and take advantage of the latest device technology. 
Native iOS apps are written in Swift or Objective-C and native Android apps are written in Java. 
Can iOS and Android apps work together?
Unfortunately not! There is no interrelation between the programming apps of each of the two devices and hence native iOS apps won’t run on Android phones, and vice versa. Although many applications have been running on both phones with a similar look and feel, but they are actually programmed and built entirely separately

Webmantra thrives to develop apps with a great look and feel along with the smoother operation,  with our team of skilled Native Application Development experts. We ensure to drive better user experience, customer satisfaction, and retention rates through our services.

Various benefits of Native Apps

What are the benefits of using Native Applications?

What are the benefits of using Native Applications?

It is very important to understand when it is best to choose a native app development and what are the benefits. Most apps on your iOS App Store and Android Play Store are native because of several advantages. Few examples of native apps that operate on both Android and iOS application stores are Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Twitter, Telegram and PokemonGo.
The various benefits of developing Native Apps are:
  • They aid fast and responsive software performance.
  • They are easy to integrate with broader device functionalities like camera, microphone, compass, accelerometer and swipe gestures, by using the capabilities of the underlying device.
  • They match app UI with the UX of the operating system to provide a user-friendly app experience.
  • They are easy to launch on the device app store.
  • They give better security and reliability, as the apps developed natively are checked and approved by the App Store.
  • Easy to implement new sophisticated features on the native applications.
  • Give users quality assurance through ratings in application stores.

Want develop apps with a great look and feel along with the smoother operation?

We ensure to drive better user experience, customer satisfaction and retention

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