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Utilizing AI Content Writing Tools: Advantages And Disadvantages

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October 06, 2022
Utilizing AI Content Writing Tools: Advantages And Disadvantages
The development of content is now expected and efficiently used in the world we live in. It's not just about writing anymore; it's about developing a presence online and gaining as many viewers as possible. As a result, this problem is being faced even by bloggers and small enterprises.
What should you do if you don't have time to create your own content? The solution is artificial intelligence for writing.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence is a kind of technology that mimics human cognition, but unlike humans, it can perform tasks in a completely autonomous and self-directed manner. AI can perform tasks without being explicitly programmed or made aware. They are able to learn from their environment through continuous data input, adapting in a way that improves the performance of the system at hand.

Artificial Intelligence For Writing

Artificial intelligence is advancing dramatically in our daily lives. Automating the writing process with AI writing tools is a terrific approach to free up time for other crucial chores. The capacity to create content that is more engaging for clients and the reduction of production costs are some advantages of employing these technologies. 
There is no denying that AI is revolutionizing the content industry. Numerous AI-powered content production tools are already available, and more are always being created. But does that imply you should delegate content creation to AI?Wwe'll help you examine the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing AI to create your content.

The Benefits 

1. Writing Efficiency and Scalability

The ability to create content much more quickly than with human authors is the main advantage of employing these tools. A two-page piece would take a human writer 30 to an hour to write, research, and write, but AI can do it in a matter of minutes. When this writing efficiency is multiplied by the number of articles to be produced at any given moment, AI writing tools boost work scalability.

2. Less Expensive

The benefits include cost savings of up to 75% in overhead due to AI writing tools' ability to produce material at a fraction of the price of hiring human authors. You can get a lot of quality foundational content from AI writing tools for a reasonable price. But it does not mean that the content should never be subjected to inspection, editing, and—most importantly—humanization and voiceover by real people.

3. Frequent Content Creation

Thanks to the availability of quicker, higher-quality material produced by AI tools, marketers can create content more frequently than ever. Additionally, greater content increases the likelihood of connecting with new audiences. The strain on authors has decreased because of AI's ability to write on a subject repeatedly.

4. Reduced Time

Speed is the first and most significant advantage of AI writing tools. Using algorithms, they can produce material in a matter of seconds. It used to take a lot of time for writers to create blogs in order to attract readers, which may be frustrating.

The Drawbacks of Using AI for Content Generation


1. Quality Concerns and Plagiarism

The quality of AI writing tools can not be trusted as the natural flow of writing would be lacking. Another concern that raises its head is that search engines could penalize you for plagiarizing other content very easily when you publish content generated using AI tools.

2. Risk of Google Algorithms 

Search engines like Google may devalue your content because a lot of AI-writing tools examine search engine results without really knowing what the searcher is searching for, beyond categorizing each query as informational, transactional, or navigational.

3. Lack of E-A-T

The quality rater criteria for Google evaluate the appearance of material for knowledge, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T). The lack of E-A-T in the content produced by Artificial Intelligence writing tools is considered to be another disadvantage of these technologies.

4. Lack of Nuance or Context

It takes innovation to make content interesting and sharing. Quality human material should continue to do better than AI content since AI lacks emotional intelligence and the capacity to recognize subtleties in the local language.

5. Over-Dependency on Algorithms

AI uses algorithms to create well-written, SEO-friendly content. But as every writer is aware, these aren't the only factors that go into creating a great piece of writing. Your content will either have a significant amount of variety or little to none if you rely solely AI powered content marketing  tools.

6. Lack of Humanized Content

A talented writer uses modern allusions and terminology that readers may identify to based on their own experiences to appeal to their emotions. With no deviations from a predetermined pattern, writing by AI appears robotic and makes your content uninteresting.

7. No Creativity or Innovation 

The human touch is nearly impossible to provide with AI-generated content. When creating something original and amusing, it could lack human ingenuity or intuition.


Although they are useful, AI writing tools are not flawless. We can't rely solely on AI writing, despite the fact that it is an excellent tool for reducing the workload. New AI-driven tools, meanwhile, are still developing. Despite its obvious advantages, AI will still be a long way from completely replacing people. If you are looking to hire content writers, Webmantra is the perfect Content Marketing Agency  for you. Contact us now!