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User Engagement: Driving organic traffic

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July 08, 2019
User Engagement: Driving organic traffic
A few years ago social media integration was a boom which is by-default now. Next level of social media integration to break through the ceiling is through active user engagement. Content is the king and content strategy is the way you rule the kingdom. In other words, website content drives your business; it speaks your business language.
Once the user feels the website content helps and it matches their objectives it builds a base for brand loyalty. The conversational tone of your website content helps create business brand with the help of the users themselves. Effective user engagement is driven by the fact that the user is made aware of benefits (product/services) over features. Inclusion of right media (photos and videos) and web design also assists in user engagement.
5 simple tips that will drive users, effectively engage them and build trust in your brand
1: Simple, intuitive and logical navigation, contact details and an eye-catching landing page retains user on your website within first 3 seconds on page launch.
2: Appropriate content in terms of amount and context sets your website apart from the competition.
3: Trust building to subscribe or buy product/service is beyond just good SEO, first impression with easy access to contact details helps user make the decisions faster and positive.
4: Social media business profile beyond followers and page likes: real active user interaction, client testimonials, and incentivizing users for sharing.
5: Must have: CTA – Call To Action however user should be able to decide to accept/reject CTA