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7 On page mistakes & how to fix them

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July 28, 2020
7 On page mistakes & how to fix them
Every business wants higher ranking in search engine, the On-Page SEO techniques and On page Optimization methods comes to their rescue. However most of them exploit backlinks, it has its own limitations. Rather focus should be on On-Page SEO techniques to stay ahead of the competition. Below are 7 mistakes to be avoided while working on the SEO strategy:
Keyword Stuffing:
Google’s updating its algorithm so should our SEO practices. Overstuffing articles with keywords is not a good SEO practice. The algorithm now knows if someone manipulates search engine rankings by overstuffing keywords.
Fix it: Ensure you’ve secured your position secure by avoiding this on-site optimization mistake. As per Google guideline use only 1% density of keywords of total words.
Overpopulating with Images:
Another element of user engagement which too has been manipulated: overloading images. Managing optimized functioning of heavy images requires above-average web hosting plan for best user experience.
Fix it: Use optimized images for which some websites helps to do it even for free.
Internal links misuse:
Internal links work well for on-page SEO helping create your own web by linking your pages together. This, in turn, helps drive more traffic through discovering or revisiting pages via search engines helping people with more information.
Fix it: the links should be descriptive than just click here, help Google understand the purpose of that anchor text. Use internal links only if required.
Overcrowding page with content: 
Page content as just one big chunk of text and missing headings not only gives a bad user experience but likewise to the search engines. Repetition of this style of content might devaluate the website quality.
Fix it: Organize your content into headings and various formatting attributes like italics, bold etc.. making it more readable and eye-catching.
Improper URL Structure:
Most users are ignoring one of the most critical components for ranking – URL structure. The website takes a beating in ranking due to improper URL structure failing the on-page SEO techniques deployed.
Fix it: Ensure the one you choose has the keyword and insert the post title with the keyword smartly.
Too generic than focused Optimization:
In the futile exercise of gathering a huge number of leads, prospects users try to attract everyone possible with more generic keywords. It will divert traffic however it will not serve the purpose – conversion to leads.
Fix it: Be specific with your keywords. It’ll fetch you lesser visitors, but more buyers. Deploying appropriate on Page SEO Techniques and Optimization methods gives a boost to the structured approach.
No Blog Strategy:
Most of the times people create blogs just for the sake, which are neither structured, planned nor much helpful in nature. Although with keywords it might drive some traffic however it’ll neither help create the brand nor have regular traffic.
Fix it: Draft a blog strategy which should ideally part of your content marketing plan, and execute it efficiently. Effective blog strategy goes much beyond just diverting traffic.
We have successfully deployed effective on-Page SEO techniques and on-page Optimization methods for many of our clients serving them with better business prospects. Webmantra with its wide experience has lived beyond client’s expectations moving many eyeballs to their pages.