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Digital Transformation

Process of completely altering the way businesses are managed and operated and how value is delivered to customers.

Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Improving your current process is the principal goal of a digital transformation. Digital transformation is important because companies must develop a process to remain competitive in their industry. If you aren’t trying to keep in pace with the current scenario you’re falling behind. One of the strategies that set leaders apart is that they spend more on transforming their businesses instead of just running them the traditional way.
A Bain & Company study shows that “only 8% of global companies have been able to achieve their targeted business outcomes from their investments in digital technology.” One of the strategies that sets leaders apart is that they spend more on transforming their businesses instead of just running them in traditional way.
Digital transformation is important because it allows organizations to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and continually improve how they operate with changing times.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

While the return on investment on digital transformation depends on a variety of factors, the right strategy can greatly improve how your business functions and how customers engage with it.
  • Increases productivity while reducing labor costs
Since for enterprises, the time and money they spend training new employees and updating digital resources can quickly get their best result out of it. With the proper use of technology, you can keep costs down and productivity up.
  • Improves the customer experience
Since now customers are getting tech-savvy they want a great experience through multiple touchpoints — mobile apps, social media, email, live chat, etc. Digital transformation services are the driving force behind improved customer experiences.
  • Makes You More Competitive in Your Industry
Every business competitor is looking into digital transformation consulting regardless of whether or not you are. Choosing not to be a part of digital transformation is essentially deciding that you don’t mind being left behind.

How can Webmantra help in Digital Transformation?

Create a vision

Does your website tell a story? Does it synchronize with the company's vision and foundation of your business? There are two sides of digital marketing one is business and the other one is the audience. So the first that has to be done while creating a vision is to connect your business to the audience. Therefore, buyer personas are important while digital marketing and document all details of the ideal customers that your product is looking for. For this, you need to a creative vision of your own which your target audience is going to follow. Before identifying the gaps in the current structure of your business and create road maps to optimize them.

Analyze market – analysis of the market dynamics

Webmantra will assist you in proper strategic market research. Then comes the secondary research that has already been conducted gathered and published by a different party. This incorporates studies and reports carried out by research forms are government agencies. Since more inputs are required from previous market research in case studies of the competitors, digital transformation companies like Webmantra have experience in this field for market dynamics analysis.

Design the experience

Making digital marketing work for your startup will require a lot of investment of time and hard work, the right strategy will always kickstart your startup. Therefore, you need to design the experience and focus on the quality of service you want to create for your customers and employees so that they stick to your product. By better understanding your customers and employees you can create strategies that are more customer-centric employee-centric. Such designs and insights will help your business grow.

Assess certain asset

Examining your strengths and weaknesses is particularly important when considering progress. Solid content creation, graphic designing scheduling posts monitoring campaigns effectively are all essential for your progression. Analyzing and examining your digital transformation solutions and how will software app tools address your current and future needs pertains to the assessment of certain assets.

Strategy Development

Strategy that looks at the goals, current situation, and how to move forward on a transformational journey in a way that makes sense 

Strategy is important for any successful planning and here is where the current situation, goals, analysis of the competitor firms, and consumer taste and preferences come to play an important role in the transformational journey in a way that makes sense.

Digital Development

Brands tend to lean more heavily on the product than their customer. They focus on the quality of the product rather than the tastes and preferences of the consumers. Some believe that the product-centric approach will drive sales and create a loyal set of consumers while others believe the consumer-centric approach maximizes profit. Whatever it is digital development using digital technologies on modifying the existing ones by processing and analyzing customer experiences for meeting changing business and market equipment. The success of a business depends on how well the campaigns by digital companies are executed.


Marketing, therefore, plays a very important role when it comes to boosting your startup. Even if you play the best set up plans still things might not happen according to your schedule. This is where you need to tweak your strategy and start again by being flexible enough to embrace your failures. Therefore our team is best placed to understand the customer journey and opportunities that come with going digital by focusing on the interests needs and wants of consumers, companies are putting more emphasis on how to solve specific challenges with marketing strategy. Understanding the market trends for your product and demographics of the target audience along with advertising creatives, and metrics such as cost and revenue of the products in consideration are crucial for marketing strategies.


When it comes to startups and small businesses, a higher level of planning in digital marketing for generating in enhancing communication with potential customers is a must. Therefore, increased use the digital business transformation to improve and extending support processes and enabling new service capabilities is where our support system is the strongest. Therefore an essential source to any success is having customer service for gathering the trust of the customers. This would require answering inquiries through social media or emails and maintaining a good relationship with the quality score on your products.

Turnkey solutions

Starting a startup business based on a turnkey solution is the best move. If you do not have appropriate resources starting a business might be tricky and here is where the turnkey solution comes into play. From choosing a plan to building your theme to advertising and creating product descriptions for launching your company. Turnkey solutions encourage businesses to adopt technology rather than adopt the technology needed for their goals.

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