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    Win the war of internet branding

    Today, there are millions of operational websites. And, about thousands are being launched daily.

    A website is usually seen just as a website, an online brochure for some. If you are one of those, your experience with us will be an eye-opener. Many of our clients who had come looking for a ‘just a website’ are today, into their second and third generation sites. Cause they have realized how website development is about creating a tool to clinch business deals online, capitalize market potential and much more. Corporate Websites normally has the content management modules like service, media, career, network, product, etc..

  • E-Commerce


    The only difference between an online store and a physical store it that the online one doesn’t have brick and cement. Well, it must have everything else: product display i.e. product catalogs, shopping carts, online payment, inventory management, order tracking and much more.

    Web Mantra’s e-Commerce website design team provide these services to help you set up, run and maintain your online store tailored to your unique business needs Web Mantra gives bespoke and ready solutions for the ecommerce website.

    We give bespoke design and ecommerce module development in ASP.net and PhP for those who need professional online store. Also we offer online store services by using open source technology like VirtueMart, osCommerce, Magento and Zen-cart, to name a few.

  • Application

    Bespoke Application

    By creating bespoke Applications, we develop the custom application in lines with the business process or goal to be achieved. We specialize at ideation, creating a set of instructions in a programming language with thorough business analysis and discipline along with creativity.

    Aimed at giving YOU more control, the system has been typically developed for individual business, which means system developed is for particular business. The system enables you to manage all content on your website through an easy to use interface.

    Webmantra has successfully executed various complex portals, conceptual websites and business applications special made for the client.

  • CMS

    Content Management System

    Manage your content. In today’s fast track, cut throat competitive internet world, if you don’t have the ability to manage content on the website from any location, any time and by non IT persons, your survival in the market is in serious danger. Our CMS developers keep this is in mind while designing applications which give you direct control of the website. In fact, not only will you be able to manage the content, but also change the design of the website without any technical hurdles.

    For this, we develop content management system applications using open source technology like Joomla!, Drupal, Mambo, phpbb and WordPress.

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile App Development

    Web Mantra with its Techno Creative strength has capabilities and developed various business Apps like ecommerce, B2B, Sales, Conceptual over IOS and Android platform for mobiles and tablets.

    Reasons why Mobile Applications will be successful tool for any business :

    1. Smartphones are increasingly getting replaced to simple mobiles as different profiles of users are able to use it and download the apps for their needs. The main drivers are reduced prices with enhanced screen size.

    2. Smartphones are available with fast processors which enables multiple processing of tasks.

    3. Any App can be easily found over the respective stores of OS.

    4. In today’s date mobile phone is the only thing person make sure he don’t forget to carry and is never further 1 m away 24x7; even at night too.

    5. Distribution of app has now got even easier with Facebook starting “Install App” feature whereby one can promote app and let users download directly from their respective stores.

  • SEO / PPC

    SEO / PPC

    There is a huge competition over the Google search engine to get the website ranked in top 10 positions. Google says don’t make website with intension of getting in top or comply with their algorithm. Rather develop the website with the content that will appeal your target audience, helpful to them and make it technically correct which will help in ranking on search engine.

    Along the right content on website technicality of the website is also important, our team constantly updates their information and knowledge on Google strategy and algorithms so that while developing the website so it gets comply with it.

    We at web mantra provide Organic SEO and Google Ad word campaign services and have executed many projects for varied industry and products.

  • SMO

    Social Media Optimization

    Social Media gives you opportunity to communicate effectively directly with your market or target audience at much lesser market. Web Mantra is geared up with core requirement of successful social media campaigns i.e. creating social media strategy, creative content creation, analysing & monitoring data gathered of the campaigns and have executed various campaigns for various product lines of different industries.

    Few tips of it's usefulness for company, brand or individual:

    1) By actively using social media outlets such as: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. you can raise awareness of your company to a worldwide community. 2) Social Networking connects you with a large chunk of online users and can generate leads of all kinds for most businesses. 3) It helps you to keep in touch with your existing set of target audience and side by side evolve your network with your creative posts. 4) Social Media is a great tool for providing excellent customer service. 5) The best part of social media is you can track and monitor the content which is posted which helps in strategizing your future campaigns. 6) Social media can also help in setting your internal clients i.e. in employment and setting up your vendor and supplier system too. 7) Content of any campaign is the important, so if content is engaging then only campaign will be liked and shared by users in their network.

  • Display ADV

    Display ADV

    Digital Display advertisement is very useful for clients who are looking forward to brand their company and products online. One can promote their brands or products on the defined categories of the portals and at various properties i.e. in margin, footer, expandable banners, etc. It can be impression based and Cost per click based so client can get the ROI for such campaigns.

    Very useful for online selling and new product launching campaigns. Web Mantra has partnered with various affiliate marketing companies to get the right reach for their client.

  • Newsletter

    Newsletter Campaigns

    Opt-in email marketing system or permission based email is a form of direct marketing which as proven method to leverage repeat business.

    An inexpensive method of communicating with prospects and customers, email marketing can include clickable links to an organization's website. It also allows for viral marketing and forwarding the message to others, so the recipients can act as messengers.

    Web Mantra’s email marketing services include tracking and analytics to ensure that your email marketing campaign is going on the right track and earning you customers, in other words high conversion rate.

  • CD Presentation

    CD Presentation

    What are the benefits of using Flash?

    The main benefit of using Flash to build a corporate presentation, heavily on the visual aspects. Put simply, with Flash, a stunning presentation can be constructed which is just not possible using traditional methods. Flash can also be used to create loop as well as interactive presentation.

    Bring your presentation or exhibition to life with Flash animation!!

    Whether you require a complete Flash presentation solution or just a simple animation to give 'lift”, we can advise, recommend, and provide the right solution.

    Give a lasting impression!!

    Ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, and presentations our multimedia CDs always create an impact. Available in multiple shapes and colours, and with varying degrees of animation, we tailor the discs to suit your needs.

    We use state of the art equipment and the latest version software to develop your presentation. We also guarantee your satisfaction!

  • Digital Catalogue

    Digital Catalogue

    Digital Catalog is extremely handy format as a publishing material and useful to share the information about the company, products and services online. It is platform and device independent format so can be displayed everywhere. We have developed the digital catalog in various industries for varied purposes like product catalog, real estate new property catalog, company information, Technical datasheet catalog, etc. It is very convenient and cost effective mode of publishing considering lesser time to update whenever required compare to traditional print catalog. We can incorporate text, images, audio -video, social media, external web links etc.


Panoramic photography is a still photography technique using specialized fish-eye lens camera and software that captures images of a place panning 360˚. The software stitches the multiple-angled shots to form a 3D virtual tour.

Engage a customer sitting miles away in his living room and let him experience you your hotel, showroom or villa by taking the virtual tour.




    Looking for a corporate image makeover?

    Are you on the threshold of starting a new business and bursting to express that new idea to the world?

    Or, Are you about to launch a new product in the market and looking for the right branding image?

    Well, you may need logos, stationary, packaging, and much more. But, what you really need is a brand identity, a corporate identity creation.

    A brand identity is much more than just a logo, it is the reflection of the Trust you want your client to place in you. A Trust that makes you different from your competitor by not just a logo, but by personality of your business.



    Our Brochure / Catalogue designing services have helped our clients to convey their message with professionally designed brochure & catalogues to their target audience. We don’t work on templates but work on the message which needs to be conveyed to the prospects. We customise the design and visualise the final design with various post print effects like varnish, uv spot, mat finish, etc. to give the best feel to the holder of the catalog. We have worked for many companies in similar industries and different giving them their customise look and feel



    Whether you need a Newsletter design, a flyer design, Bi or Tri-fold brochure, sales or marketing material, billboard design, shop banners, training manual, booklet or advertising material, Web Mantra have the expertise to deliver professional brochure design within your optimum timeframe.

    Our Creative team will analyse your requirement and will create the theme which will comply with your vision and will be useful for all of your integrated branding material to give you uniform impression.

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